The Viral Beauty Makes a Video for Ayang Gunung Gede Pink –

The Viral Beauty Makes a Video for Ayang Gunung Gede Pink –
– #Viral #Beauty #Video #Ayang #Gunung #Gede #Pink – Recently, there was viral news that the beauty made a video for her beloved one. Well, this video is circulating on Twitter and continues to spread to various other social media. But this started from a Twitter user who uploaded it.

Indeed, we often find on Twitter lots of people who share various videos that are currently viral. This is also related to the emergence of various other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, IG and many others.

Viral Si Cantik Creates a Video for Ayang, which will present a video of a woman doing inappropriate activities alone. Many say that the female character wants to give it to her beloved lover. So for those of you who want that, you can use some of the applications that we will share below.

1. FilmoraGo


The first application that we will share is called FilmoraGo. For those of you who are confused about which application to use to do editing without a watermark, then Filmorago can be the answer. Well besides being easy to use, this application can also be used on all devices.

What makes it even more interesting lies in the features available in it. You can’t underestimate the features, because in this application there are features such as being able to choose the ratio that suits your needs in editing. That way you can easily produce impressive work.

Application Name FilmoraGo
Size 60 MB
Download 40 million
Price Free

2. Inshot


The next application that we try to recommend is Inshot. Maybe you’ve heard of this application, because this application is very popular and has a very large number of users. If you want to find an application that offers videos without a watermark, then Inshot is one of the choices.

We cannot deny that the watermark will be very annoying, especially if you are a new user. Of course you don’t want any Inshot readings in the video that you have produced. But you don’t need to worry about everything, because inshot has eliminated that for its users.

3. KineMaster


Surely some of you are familiar with this application called Kinemaster. Indeed, we all know that the Kinemaster application is one of the many video editing applications which is very easy to use. There are so many users, even all people use this application.

The reason is, this application is widely used by content creators to upload their video edits to YouTube, IG, TikTok and other social media. For its own version, Kinemaster has 2 different versions. Well there is a paid version and there is also a free version.

Application Name Kinemaster
Size 87 MB
Download 100 million
Price Free

4. PowerDirector


If you want to make a Viral video, The Beauty Create a Video for Ayang that is currently viral on Twitter, then you can also use the PowerDirector application. The PowerDirector application can make anyone who uses it amazed by its excellent appearance. This is what makes PowerDirector different from other applications.

Well, a very professional appearance will make us as users feel like professionals. Even though you are actually a beginner, this is what makes it widely used. Besides that, the features in it will also be very useful for editors. Among them, such as being able to provide effects, add stickers, and many others.

Application Name PowerDirector
Size 68 MB
Download 90 million
Price Free



The next editing application that we offer to all of you is VLLO. With this application, you can make videos like the viral video Si Cantik. Make a video for Ayang, you can do it wherever you are. You don’t need expensive equipment to make it. All you need is the will and the smartphone you have.

After that you have to install the VLLO application, so that the editing process becomes easier. This application that has a very simple interface can make you edit very quickly. Because features such as cut, crop, add stickers, even filters are available in it.

Application Name VLO
Size 80 MB
Download 20 million
Price Free

6. Alight Motion Pro

For the next application, there is Alight Motion Pro. This application is also phenomenal, because this application has various advantages as its appeal. One of the advantages that makes it even more phenomenal is being able to do video editing without a watermark. This is a feature that many content creators are looking for.

What’s interesting is that you can use the free version of this application. So you don’t need to spend money to be able to enjoy the various advantages that this application has. Apart from that, for those of you who want to make videos in slow motion, this application can be the most appropriate choice.

Application Name Alight Motion Pro
Size 61 MB
Download 50 million
Price Free

7. CapCut


For those of you who really like the social media TikTok, and you also want to be a content creator there, then you can try this application called CapCut. Lots of content creators from TikTok use CapCut as their combat tool. Well just information that this application will greatly facilitate you as a beginner.

In the application, you will be presented with features such as merging 2 videos into one, reversing videos and many other interesting things. What is no less important is that this application can also produce video editing without containing a watermark. So those of you who want to make bokeh videos don’t need to worry, OK?

Application Name CapCut
Size 76 MB
Download 50 million
Price Free

8. YouCut

The emergence of the viral video Si Cantik Create Video for Ayang makes people wonder how she did this. So if you are curious, then you can use this Youcut application, OK? With this application you can easily cut videos that you have made. For that the editing process will become easier.

The display that is offered is also very simple, so anyone who uses it will not find it difficult to use this application. Those of you who are beginners should try this application that you might need to produce bokeh videos that are currently viral.

Application Name YouCut
Size 48 MB
Download 50 million
Price Free

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