The waffle house new host meme meaning explained as it goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

The waffle house new host meme meaning explained as it goes viral on Twitter and Reddit
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Users of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms have taken to the comment sections to vent their annoyance at the recent rise of the the Waffle House Has a New Host meme, know its meaning

The term has been trending in social media posts, comments, and replies, but no one seems to know why. That’s a meaningless phrase, an urban legend. Therefore, there is no hidden meaning to “the Waffle House has a new host.”

People on social media are notoriously quick to jump on a trend, and the Waffle House is the newest phenomenon to sweep the web. Some people have figured out where it came from, but others are still befuddled. If you’re looking for information, you’ve come to the right place since we have it all!

The waffle house new host meme meaning explained after it goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

Johnny RaZeR, a YouTuber, first explained the phenomenon in a video that quickly went viral. He explained in the post that the phrase was coined with the intention of monopolising a social media platform’s comment section.

He said: “This is a phrase that is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. By explaining it to you, you’re now part of the bit and you are recruited to join the fight.”

YouTube was the initial intended recipient. However, it gradually evolved into its own meme as users shared it on TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.

What is this “The Waffle House Has Found It’s New Host” thing? On alot of videos recently. from youngpeopleyoutube

Waffle house meme viral after croissant meme

Waffle House comments make headlines on TikTok weeks after a comment about a croissant went viral and became a platform staple. Initiated by a video about “operation crumb blitz” shared by user @thesleepyparamedic. He encourages viewers to use the croissant emoji in response to any video they find on their “For You” page.

He claims that in today’s modern world, every film, regardless of its subject or its maker, requires its own own croissant. Let’s cause mass confusion by giving out croissants and watch humanity develop in real time. As expected, the number of comments with croissant emojis quickly increased.

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