Theophilus London, who had gone missing, was discovered safe

Theophilus London, who had gone missing, was discovered safe
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According to a statement issued by his family on Wednesday night, rapper Theophilus London has been found safe after going missing for months. The rapper, who has collaborated with Kanye West and other well-known artists, went missing on October 15 and was last seen in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighbourhood.

Mikhail Noel, London’s cousin, said on Instagram that he “really appreciates everyone’s help in finding my cousin.”

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At this time, the family would appreciate prayers and discretion

Larry London, London’s father, told NBC Los Angeles that his son was rescued by friends who saw him strolling through West Los Angeles and would be sent to New York to be with his family soon.

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We want Theo to go to Trinidad to rest, rejuvenate, and gather his thoughts. Larry informed the source. Theo is in Los Angeles on his way to New York to attend the funeral of his grandmother.” He’s gone through a lot. He has a poor mental state. He needs to start writing songs again right away.

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Theophilus London recently relocated from Trinidad and Tobago to Los Angeles

The rapper was not active on social media at the time of his disappearance; his most recent post was on July 11, 2022.

Theophilus is best known for his contribution to Kanye West’s “Donda” album. He was nominated for two Grammys for the song “All Day,” which was nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

He has three studio albums to his name and has worked with musicians such as Travis Scott, Tame Impala, Ellie Goulding, and Big Boi. His album “Bebey” will be released in January 2020.

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