This UiTM Slave Video Viral TikTok on Twitter – Kuri007 Detail Explored

This UiTM Slave Video Viral TikTok on Twitter – Kuri007
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banner 468x60– This UiTM Slave Video Viral TikTok on Twitter. After a video similar to ONIC Kayes circulated, now it was the turn of a viral video allegedly by UITM Maya that made netizens hunt for the link to watch it.

In the video circulating shows a woman who commits immoral acts. The video has been watched more than 1 million times in a day.

Recently, social media users have been highlighting the circulation of a viral TikTok UiTM Maya video. What’s in the video?

Meanwhile, one of the Tiktok users with the account name @azrn**a mentioned that the Tiktok celebrity known as Maya was indeed going viral on Friday, August 5, 2022.

“Is it viral?” wrote the account while showing a photo of a woman allegedly Maya, which is currently viral.

Exc Viral

Budak UiTM Virtual TikTok video is a famous celebgram from Malaysia that is becoming a hot topic of discussion among social media users in the Neighboring State.

Maya is a student from MARA University of Technology (UiTM) Shah Alam Malaysia. Recently, his name has been in the spotlight of social media users.

The information that Kawan has managed to summarize from several online media reports, the Malaysian UiTM slave has a scandalous video and is again viral.

Although it is still far from justifying the news, the interest of social media users to find viral UiTM videos is quite high today.

So it’s no wonder if the information about the UiTM Malaysia Boy immediately became a hot topic of discussion among Twitter and TikTok social media users.

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Maya Twitter

Rumors circulated that the video of a UiTM slave named Maya TikTok has spread to the Telegram application. Is that right? Here’s the information.

The viral UiTM video link is becoming the highlight of netizens on social media. The video that shows the scandal in the alleged TikTok celebrity Maya caused an uproar for millions of people.

The video upload containing a recording of a woman suspected of being a TikTok Maya celebrity was then searched on Twitter and the Telegram application.

The Malaysian TikTok celebrity became a hot topic after the video link circulated widely on social media. So what’s up with this viral UiTM video?

In the 14-second video recording, it appears that a woman who looks like TikToker Maya performs immoral acts that shocked many people.

Uitm Sri Iskandar

No doubt, netizens then began to question the authenticity of the alleged TikTok Maya Celebrity video.

As reported by the post on the TikTok account @azrn*a, Friday (5/8/2022), it was said that this TikTok Maya celebrity was in the spotlight of many people.

“Is it viral?” wrote the account while showing a portrait of a woman suspected of being Maya. The video showing the TikTok celebrity has gone viral.

Monitored airing more than 1.8 million times in just one day. Suddenly netizens then immediately flooded the comments column on Maya’s TikTok.

TikTok Celebrity Maya Admits Viral UiTM Video Cast

Maya herself in her latest upload, admitted that the video that was being widely circulated on social media was her.

He conveyed, the video that is now being watched by many netizens is an old recording that was recorded about 2-3 years ago.

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TikTok celebrity Maya regrets the circulation of the video which is an old disgrace.

“Why are people so happy to expose the disgrace that has passed 2-3 years? I love spreading people’s badness to the point that personal information is exposed,” Maya wrote in her video thumbnail.

In addition, Maya also hopes that people will stop spreading these immoral videos.

Link Telegram Viral

“What did I do wrong to be treated like this by you guys? Please stop (spreading the video) and report if someone is still spreading it,” explained Maya.

It is known, Maya herself is a TikTok celebrity from Malaysia who has quite a lot of followers. He is currently known to have at least more than 150,000 followers.

Maya is known as a content creator who often uploads POV-themed videos and has quite a number of fans.

As a result of the viral video of her showing her immoral act, Maya then hid most of her video uploads.

In the video circulating, the TikTok Maya celebrity figure is wearing student clothes from the MARA University of Technology (UiTM) Shah Alam Malaysia campus.

He was recorded showing one of his sensitive parts towards the camera. Not only that, there were also other videos which were also known as Maya.

LINK Video UiTM Viral TikTok

One of them is seen wearing a t-shirt from one of the sports clubs. That’s the explanation about the UiTM Maya viral video now circulating widely and being discussed by netizens.

Of course, the circulation of the video made netizens curious and curious, so they were busy hunting for the link to watch the UITM Maya video that had circulated.

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But on the sidelines of the excitement, Maya gave a surprising confession that made netizens gape in surprise.

Not without reason because Maya revealed that the video was indeed her. Furthermore, he revealed that his old recording was from 2 to three years ago.

He also regrets the circulation of immoral videos that have now become public consumption.

A little information that Maya is a Tiktok celebrity from Malaysia who is quite popular with 150,000 followers.

The final word

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