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TiviMate IPTV Latest Free Premium Version 2023 – Kuri007.com
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TiviMate is an IPTV service that you can use to be able to watch TV easily using only Android. But this application can also be used on a PC.

Lots of users have succeeded in proving the usefulness of this application itself, making this application a favorite of many people around the world.

With very complete services and features, you can watch all TV broadcasts in the world for free without worrying about subscription fees.

The advantage that you can get from this application is its luxurious features that you can use to watch live TV, watch sports channels and various other precise features.

A Brief Review of the TiviMate Application

This application is an all inclusive Live Player application which is very popular and is trusted by many people because it has a variety of interesting features. In addition, this application also has IPTV Services and provides M3U URLs.

Simply put, by using this application, you can watch TV channels directly from your IPTV provider on the set top box on Android.

Because it doesn’t provide any TV sources, you have to add a playlist that comes from this IPTV provider. So you can watch various TV channels directly.

Before you start using this application, you can also see what features are in it and what advantages you can get.

Best Features of TiviMate App

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As an application that has many users, it is certain that this application also has various features that are very useful. With all the features in this application you can use it so that you can watch all shows more easily and comfortably.

As a reference before deciding to download this application, you can see what features are in it through the reviews below:

1. Has a simple and elegant interface

The first impression that you will find from this application is definitely how it looks. Because this application has a unique and different interface or interface from IPTV service applications that have ever existed.

The appearance is elegant, modern, dynamic but still simple so that it is comfortable for users. This application also contains very clear instructions so that it will make it easier for you to apply it and get an interesting watch to spend your spare time.

So this application is also fairly user friendly because it is easy to use by anyone, including new users who are using the TiviMate service for the first time.

2. Got New Playlist Feature

The next feature in the TiviMate application is a feature that allows you to be able to integrate several services or playlists in this application.

So that all the services in it can come together and help you get live broadcasts at any time and ensure you can manage your favorite channels from various existing platforms.

3. Easy-to-Understand and User-Friendly Navigation Buttons

In this application you can easily find navigation buttons whose functions can be used to operate this application. And interestingly the navigation buttons in this application are quite simple and easy to understand.

You can see the latest channels and choose your favorite shows more quickly. Apart from that, you can also use the TV Guide feature with the channel still playing in the background.

With the help of navigation buttons that are easy and easy to understand, this application remains one of the favorites for many people. To get interesting shows for free, just use the application.

4. Group Features

Next there is the group feature where this feature is very useful for you because the features present on the right and left bars will help you to manage different channels.

You can also use this feature to delete groups that you don’t want to use. You can also only create groups that are highlighted on the left or right sidebar to make it easier to get your favorite shows.

There are also position management options that you can use to adjust viewing according to the preferences you want.

5. Favorite Feature

This feature helps you to be able to access your favorite channels very quickly and easily. You can add it to the Favorites menu by clicking on the channel you like and selecting the Add to Favorites option.

Apart from that, you can also add as many favorite channels as you like the most to this list.

6. Text or Subtitle feature

Next, there are features that are no less interesting that you can get in this application, namely features that make it easier for you and everyone around the world to use this application.

Because in this application there is a subtitle feature that can make it easier for you to use this application without being hindered by language. Moreover, the channels and shows in this application also come from many countries.

So there are no more problems watching because of language because there are subtitle options that you can choose according to your needs. It’s no wonder, considering that this application is one of everyone’s favorite applications around the world.

7. Recording feature

Finally, there is the most interesting feature of this application, which is a feature that you can use to record all your favorite shows from this application. That way you can save all the shows you like more easily.

Download the Latest 2023 TiviMate Application

TiviMate IPTV Latest Free Premium Version 2023 Kuri007com

Application Information

Application Name TiviMate
Licence Free
Language English
Operating system Android
Category Entertainment
Developer AR Mobile Dev
File Size 10.43 MB
Updated Date January 9, 2023
Link Download <>

The Advantages of the TiviMate Application that You Get

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With all the advanced features above, you can get many advantages from this TiviMate application, and here are some of the advantages:

  • TV schedule update and update feature.
  • Automatic start on boot.
  • Has a very complete playlist editor feature.
  • This app supports picture in picture.
  • Has interesting Xtream support.
  • Has a multifunctional feature.
  • Can record shows easily.
  • There is a search engine feature to find the shows you want to watch.
  • Have a TV Guide update interval that you can adjust easily.
  • Transparency feature and also Panel time limit that you can adjust.
  • Automatically turn on the last channel when the app is restarted.

The final word

With all the features and advantages that exist in this application, you can use TiviMate as a companion to watch all day long.

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