Trezevant High School Student Aaliyah Dalton Dies After Being Hit By Vehicle

Trezevant High School Student Aaliyah Dalton Dies After Being Hit By Vehicle
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We are saddened to report the unfortunate death of a high school student. He was one of the three pedestrians to be hit and killed in Memphis. The shocking incident happened on Tuesday night. The victim has been identified as Aaliyah Dalton. The student was only 18 at the time of her unfortunate death. After the announcement, her family, her classmates, and her teachers are mourning her death. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has brought everyone’s attention to it. Check all the details regarding the same in the article below.

Trezevant High School Student Aaliyah Dalton Dies

Trezevant High School Student Aaliyah Dalton Dies

Reports confirm that Aaliyah was the pedestrian to be hit by a car while she was walking in the turning lane on Range Line Road in Frayser at around 5:30 PM. According to her family, she lived on this road and was only three minutes away from when the tragic incident claimed her life. Her family said Aaliyah was a senior at Trezevant High. When she was struck, she was leaving after-school tutoring. Aaliyah’s guardian Felicia Brown said that the latter texted her to say she was staying late for tutoring and would walk home with friends.

What Happened In Memphis?

She further said that she never came home so she thought maybe she is hanging out with relatives or whatever. Her family went on to say that even though their daughter had her ID and phone, they did not get any notification about her death.

When the teen girl did not return, the family got worried and started searching the areas where she could possibly go. The family even went to her school to track down her whereabouts. Brown said that one of the students said there was an accident after school and he and his sister and his mother went to the precinct.

The family was asked some questions so that they can identify the body. Later, they find out that the body belonged to no one but their young daughter, and needless to say, it shattered their hearts. It was a gut-wrenching discovery for Aaliyah’s loved ones who wanted to see her reach her dream of becoming a chef. Aaliyah Dalton’s aunt, Sirella Taylor, said that she was hoping to find her but did not want to find her that way. Never in their imagination, they thought that they would lose her at such a young age. Keep following Social Telecast for ore updates and the latest and trending news.



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