Trial Begins For Texas Man Accused Of Killing Daughters In ‘honor Killing’ For Having Non-Muslim Boyfriends – NEWSLY – Kuri007 Detail Explored

Trial Begins For Texas Man Accused Of Killing Daughters In ‘honor Killing’ For Having Non-Muslim Boyfriends – NEWSLY – Kuri007
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After the alleged murder, Yaser Abdel Said fled as a fugitive for 12 years until he was arrested in 2020.

Written by Brie Stimson

The trial of a Texas man accused of killing his two daughters in an “honor killing” in 2008, then spending the next 12 years as a fugitive on the FBI’s most wanted list, began Tuesday.

Yaser Abdel Said, 65, is charged with murder and will be sentenced to life in prison if convicted because prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty.

Sid, an Egyptian immigrant, is accused of killing his daughters Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17, because they were “too American.” His wife, Patricia Owens, previously told Fox News that Said was upset that her daughters had non-Muslim boyfriends. He said he didn’t want to raise “whores as daughters,” Owens said. He divorced her after her daughters were killed.
Sid allegedly took the girls out on New Year’s Day under the pretense of going to a local restaurant in Lewisville, Texas, but drove to Irving, Texas, and shot them in his taxi.

Yaser Abdel Said, 65, Is Charged With Murdering His Daughters.

Yaser Abdel Said, 65, is charged with murdering his daughters. (FBI)

Sarah was able to call 911 before she died. “Help, my father shot me! I’m dying, I’m dying!” he said. Amina is presumed to have died instantly.

“This is a case about a man who likes to have a hand,” said prosecutor Lauren Black in court Tuesday.

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Amina’s boyfriend testified that he “knew she was going to die” when he reluctantly returned home on New Year’s Eve after running away from Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his mother, sister and their boyfriends. He said his last words to her were that he would never see her again. He returned home on January 1, 2008 and was killed that night.

The bullet-riddled bodies of Amina and Sarah were found inside their father’s taxi, parked outside a hotel in Irving on New Year’s Day 2008.

The girls and their mother had left their home before Christmas 2007 after their father put a gun to Amina’s head, prosecutors said.

Mugshots Of Yaser Abdel Said, Center, His Son Islam, Left, And His Brother Yassein, Right.  Islam And Yassein Were Both Arrested For Harboring A Fugitive.

Mugshots of Yaser Abdel Said, center, his son Islam, left, and his brother Yassein, right. Islam and Yassein were both arrested for harboring a fugitive. (Irving Police Department)

Amina’s history teacher testified that the 18-year-old emailed her about his plans to flee his home, writing, “He’s going to kill us without drama or hesitation” while asking the teacher to keep his plans quiet until he left. home, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“These were two young, spirited women,” said Black. “Normal girls who wanted a normal life.”

After settling in Tulsa, her mother, Patricia Owens and Sarah decided to return home to celebrate the New Year. Amina came back in fear.

Sarah, Left, And Amina Said In Happy Moments.

Sarah, left, and Amina Said in happy moments. (Facebook)

Said’s lawyers said the police did not conduct a thorough investigation into the murders and focused on him as a suspect.

“Instead of investigating murder, they were investigating Yaser,” said attorney Joseph Patton. “The evidence also cannot support a conviction for murder.”

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Sid fled after the murder and was found in 2020 30 miles away from the crime scene. His son Islam, then 19, and his brother, Yassein, were both convicted of harboring a known fugitive. Yassein was sentenced to 12 years and Islam to 10.

“My daughters were loving, caring, smart, loved everyone, would help anyone,” Owens told the Dallas Morning News after Said’s arrest. ‘They were two of the best kids in the world and it shouldn’t have happened to them.’

Honor killings are often carried out against a family member who is thought to bring honor to the relatives. These types of murder and violence, which often see men abusing their wives and daughters for behavior that offends their faith in some way, are among the most secretive crimes in society, experts told Fox News in 2015.


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