Twitch has previously banned KiaraaKitty four times

Twitch has previously banned KiaraaKitty four times
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With over 300,000 Twitch subscribers and a ranking in the top 0.1% of creators on OnlyFans, KiaraaKitty is a well-known streamer.

However, she has previously encountered issues with the platform as a result of the content she posted. She was also charged with defrauding a few men of their money, a charge she vehemently denied. On January 22, her account was once more closed. Even though KiaraaKitty has repeatedly stated to her fans that she will concentrate on TikTok going forward, it is important to know how long the ban will last. Follow For More Updates at

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Hello to everyone, Kiaraa said in her Discord. I’m not allowed. Even good things come to an end. That final stream was at least good. So, I don’t feel guilty. I appreciate the trip.

Because she declared it to be her “final stream,” fans are concerned that the ban may be extended. Despite the fact that she wasn’t online at the time, her channel is still partnered. After a short while, Kiaraa provided her followers with another update and pleaded with them to follow her on TikTok because she was “going live there.”

The Kiaraakitty OnlyFans model is banned on Twitch

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After eating a sausage while wearing only her underwear and making lewd gestures, an OnlyFans model was banned from Twitch. Following the incident, Hong Kong-based streamer Kiaraakitty was abruptly banned by Twitch.

When the ban was implemented, she was on vacation in Taiwan. She had been spotted out and about looking stylish, and she had shared numerous images from her trip. According to the automated Twitter account StreamerBans, which informs users about bans on streaming services, Twitch Partner “Kiaraakitty” (@kiaraakitty) has been banned.

She violated the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service of Twitch, so her Twitch channel needs to be fixed. It only says that. Read More

In Tapei, Taiwan’s capital, the woman is spotted in the stream while she is out and about. She appears to be consuming a sausage.

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