Veteran Actress Tabassum Govil Passed Away At 78 Due To Cardiac Arrest

Veteran Actress Tabassum Govil Passed Away At 78 Due To Cardiac Arrest
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Kiran Bala Sachdev, better known by her stage name Tabbassum has died. Following the announcement of her death news, tributes have poured in for Kiran. In 1947, the seasoned performer made her acting debut as Baby Tabassum, a child actor. At the age of 78, the renowned actress passed away in a Mumbai hospital. She had two heart attacks on Friday night, the first at 8:40 and the second at 8:42. The actress, who had been expressing health concerns for the past few days, was subsequently admitted to a Mumbai hospital.

Veteran Actress Tabassum Govil Passed Away At 78 Due To Cardiac Arrest

Actress Tabassum Govil Passed Away

After a few days, she was released, but on Friday night, she went back to the hospital. She experienced two cardiac arrests in the following two minutes at that point. Hoshang Govil, Tabassum’s son, claims that his mother wanted to keep her passing a secret until her final rites had been carried out. Today in Mumbai, her last rites were carried out. She was the inaugural host of “Phool Khile Jain Gulshan Gulshan,” India’s first talk show, which ran on the national broadcaster Doordarshan from 1972 until 1993 and featured interviews with a variety of cinema and television luminaries.

Many fans of movies and television are familiar with Tabassum thanks to her YouTube channel, Tabassum Talkies, where she discussed Indian film classics. Ayodhyanath Sachdev, an Indian freedom warrior, and Asghari Begum, a journalist and author, had Tabassum in 1944 in Mumbai. Tabassum made her acting debut as a young child in the 1947 film “Nargis” and went on to star in a number of subsequent movies, including “Mera Suhag,” “Manjhdhar,” “Bari Behen,” and “Deedar.”

She was the subject of the famous song “Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena,” performed by Shamshad Begum and Lata Mangeshkar. She also played the young Meena Kumari in the popular Vijay Bhatt-directed movie “Baiju Bawra” (1952). Tabassum tied the knot with Vijay Govil.

He was the elder brother of Arun Govil. It is no doubt to say that her passing has left many people shattered. Everyone seems to be saddened to learn about her untimely demise. Be it her family or her close relatives, everyone is mourning her passing. Tributary posts and condolence messages have appeared on social media ever since her death news have been announced. Social Telecast also pays heartfelt tributes to the veteran actress. May her soul rest in peace!



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