Video Links Like Kayes ONIC Scandal Turns Into Citizen Hunt – Kuri007 Detail Explored

Video Links Like Kayes ONIC Scandal Turns Into Citizen Hunt – Kuri007
– #Video #Links #Kayes #ONIC #Scandal #Turns #Citizen #Hunt #Omar #Zack – Video Links Like Kayes ONIC, So speed up Warganet and become a regular today. Is it true that the woman in the viral video is ONIC Kayes?

The following is complete information about viral video stories such as ONIC Kayes which has recently become a hot topic among netizens.

Presented on many internet sources, recently a video link has spread like ONIC Kayes naked in the room.

The merits and demerits of these viral video stories are still hotly debated among social media users like Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and the Telegraph.

Videos and photos of the alleged Kayes were sought after by internet users until the Instagram of the woman with a beautiful face was loved by her fans.

Kayes himself is a TikTok content creator who is famous for his cute face. This time a bad news hits TikTok with its 5 million followers.

The reason is that, the distribution of videos and photos of scandals that are said to be very similar to Kayes naked in the bedroom.

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In the links to the video and photos, Kayes alleges there was an image of a woman with a face believed to resemble hers.

In the nude photo spread, the woman can be seen in the same room as Kayes in the past.

In addition, this woman was also wearing a necklace that was similar to that of the Bandung girl. Suddenly, netizens were shocked and couldn’t believe that it really looked like Kayes.

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Using one of the comments column on Kayes’ Instagram, many netizens are questioning the authenticity of the photos and videos that are widely circulated on social media.

“It’s growing, isn’t it Kayes?,” wrote the account @alv *** while asking for clarification about the presence of dirty videos and pictures with a face like his.

“Awaiting clarification, wkwkwk,” continued the account @hii***. “Let’s spread wkwkwk,” wrote the account @far ****.

“Kayes has learned how to make scandals, yes, broadcast on tele, the wallpaper in his room is clearly visible,” explained the account @nwuq ***.

As supporting data, Kayes is a young and beautiful content creator and TikToker known for his membership in ONIC Esports.

She is a 19-year-old girl born in Cimahi, West Java on March 31, 2003. Kayes is known as an active TikToker who uploads various videos to her account.

Furthermore, currently links to Kayes’ allegedly scandalous videos and photos are now circulating and being found by social media users.

Links to the scandalous photos and videos Kayes alleges have been widely circulated from Twitter, Telegraph, TikTok, to YouTube. Want to know about this information? Here is the full link: Miri Kayes Nude Videos

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However, Kayes ONIC dismissed the allegations that the woman was naked.

Gamers Ubuhle said that this video is a program made on purpose by someone who is not paying attention.

Kayes asked netizens not to be quick to believe in pornographic videos mentioning his name.

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“Hey guys, who’s really busy…it’s not me” Kayes said on Instagram Stories.

The last word

That’s a brief information about the latest news about a scandalous video link like Kayes ONIC, which is widely distributed on social media to be hunted by Internet users.

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