Videos of wives and mistresses in hotel rooms that make a scene –

Videos of wives and mistresses in hotel rooms that make a scene –
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Viral a video showing a wife and mistress in a hotel room. In the 1 minute 45 second video, it can be seen that the wife came with her family consisting of several men.

They all entered the hotel with the hotel lights off. And some of them said where is this lamp, try to turn on the lamp.

Then the man in the video also ordered to close the door fast, and soon a voice was heard which was thought to be the voice of the wife of the husband who was having an affair, who asked why her husband left.

So, if you are curious about the continuation of the story and also the video of the wife and husband in your hotel room, you can watch this discussion until it’s finished, guys.

Video link of mistresses and men in hotel rooms

In the circulating video, a wife and several men who are members of her family enter the hotel room with the hotel lights off.

It wasn’t long before a voice was heard that was suspected of being the husband’s wife, and the wife asked her husband’s reason. Wife asks where did you say you were going, I am still your legal wife.

Well, then after the lights were turned on, it appeared that there were two people in the hotel room where they were alone in a dark hotel room because the lights were turned off.

The man who is the husband of this reporter. Where he was wearing a red shirt, he looked like someone who was confused when he was being raided.

Meanwhile, the woman who was suspected of having an affair with him, could only remain silent with her position covering her face using a pillow on the mattress.

Then the man’s wife asked something to the woman who was suspected of having an affair with her husband.

But the woman who was having an affair with the wife’s husband was silent and still covered her face with a pillow.

And also the wife’s partner tries to record the woman’s face using her cellphone, but the woman who is cheating still covers her face with a pillow and doesn’t open it.

Then the man who came in with the wife said, just keep on video, and don’t call again, said the wife when her husband was about to call someone.

And the man who recorded the video asked the woman or his wife to only open the mask that was used so that her face could be seen.

So that it can be strong evidence that her husband is sleeping in a hotel room with the woman, which is his lover, as proof of the video recording.

Netizens Respond to the Shocking Video of a Wife and a Man in a Hotel Room.

Video of the wife and mistress in the hotel room that makes a scene

Many commented after this video went up because with this video wives would naturally become very suspicious and also very sensitive towards their husbands.

Where in the video that was circulating the husband was even angry and ordered everyone present to get out, as if he did not feel guilty towards his wife and also the man who was there, the man who was his wife’s family.

When the man told him to leave, then his wife and family said why did we leave in an angry tone.

From his wife’s side, he said, your wife is pregnant but you are having an affair with another woman, we can talk about this problem in an angry tone.

And then the recorder confirmed that the husband was having an affair and that soon the recorder would go viral, said the video.

Responding to this statement, the husband said, please make it viral, especially since the woman who is having an affair with her husband knows her husband’s wife closely.

Because the wife was furious and the wife’s family was also very upset, they finally reported the two of them to the police station.

Video Figure of Wife and Mistress in Hotel Room

Where in the video there are two women and also a man who are in a hotel room with a dark room.

Then came a woman who was suspected of being the wife of the man who was in the room with the help of several men from her family to raid her husband, who allegedly had an affair with another woman.

And after they entered they found the wife’s husband alone with a woman in a hotel room.

Where in the circulating video the wife also knows or knows the woman who is with her husband.

So, after carrying out a raid on the hotel room, his wife and also the men whose family members earlier reported this incident to the police.

Reported by Police Regarding Video of Wife and Mistress in Hotel Room

Video of Wife and Mistress in Hotel Room Reported by police

After his wife had carried out a raid on the hotel room, what this wife did was to report her husband, who was having an affair with another woman, to the police station.

Then the police received a report from the woman and carried out a recording process which the wife explained about the results of the raid.

Where to the police the wife told that she carried out a raid on a hotel where her husband was alone with another woman.

At first the wife was only suspicious because her husband said goodbye and only wanted to go to a friend’s house, but it had been a long time since he came home, so that’s where his suspicions started.

Because since the last 3 months after marrying her husband, she rarely comes home. And also on his cellphone he often gets calls from people in a clandestine way.

So, these suspicions were finally uncovered, after his wife saw the contents of the chat with intimate words and also invited her husband to have intercourse.

From there his wife knew that they were going to a hotel in the city of Medan. By strengthening evidence of his wife’s stay with family members, they visited the hotel.

Previously, the Sitri also told her that she had confirmed that her husband’s car was in the hotel parking lot.

After the wife saw her husband’s car at the hotel, she became even more sure that her husband was in this hotel, where in the video circulating that this wife also had an argument with her husband and also the woman he was having an affair with.


That’s the information that can give you about a viral video about a husband’s affair with another woman that happened in a hotel room.

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