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Volleyball Rules – Definition, Equipment, and Examples – Kuri007.com
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Volleyball rules – Volleyball is a sport that is played by two teams, each team having six players.

This type of sport requires discipline and good teamwork, even though this sport looks very simple, it has several rules that must be obeyed by the players.

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Definition of Volleyball Rules

Volleyball is a very interesting sport, but it is no different from other types of sports, it still has rules in each game.

In order to become a professional player in volleyball, you need hard work and discipline.

This type of sport is played by two opposing groups, each group having six players.

For Indonesia, the volleyball game is under the auspices of PBVSI (All-Indonesian Volleyball Association).

For the International class of volleyball under the auspices of FIVB (Federation International De Volleyball).

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Volleyball Game Rules

volleyball picture

If you have the desire to become a professional player in volleyball, then you must be able to understand and understand the ins and outs of the existing rules.

Below are several types of rules contained in the game of volleyball, namely:

1. Field Size

volleyball field

In every game the most important thing is the field as a place to play.

The standard size of a volleyball court according to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), namely:

  • Field size 9 x 18 meters
  • The thickness for the line on the edge of the field is 5 cm
  • The boundary line on the back of the player is 3 meters but is measured from the center line on the field
  • The width of the field is 9 meters
  • The length of the field is 18 meters
  • The width of the attack line is 3 meters

2. Ball Size

ball picture

Regarding the size of the ball used in volleyball, it must be standard according to what has been determined by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

The criteria regarding the size of the volleyball that has been determined are as follows:

  • The ball weighs 260 to 280 grams
  • Ball diameter 65 to 67 cm
  • Air pressure 0.30 to 0.325 kg/cm
  • Made of leather

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3. Number of Players

number of players

In each team or squad there are six players, that is what is meant by libero.

Libiro is a player who is free to go in and out but cannot smash.

In each match the entire volleyball team consists of ten players, four reserves and six core players.

However, volleyball can also be played with up to four people.

4. Prohibitions/Rules in Volleyball

In the game of volleyball there are also some restrictions/rules that must be obeyed by every player, some of the rules include:

  • in a match the player is not allowed to touch the net, if this prohibition is violated then our opponent will get points or scores.
  • Players are required to wear rubber boots and socks
  • If the ball has touched the outer surface then it has been declared out
  • Each team is only given one chance in each round if you want a timeout
  • How to count points in volleyball using the rally point system
  • The uniform worn by the team must have a chest number and a back number.

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Basic Volleyball Techniques

This type of volleyball game also has basic techniques that every player must learn and master.

As for some of the basic techniques found in the game of volleyball are:

1. Passing

Passing is a movement to feed a teammate or directly direct the ball into the opponent’s field.

In volleyball, there are two types of passes, namely:

Passing over is a way to receive service from an opponent’s attack or can also be used to provide feedback to a teammate.

Underpassing is the way that every player does when receiving the ball.

This method can also be used to withstand attacks from opponents or receive services from opponents with a slightly lowered body.

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2. Service

Service is the initial stroke that is done when starting a rally in each service match itself which is divided into four types including:

Side service is service by using the ball in the way of being inflated at a certain height and at that time the ball is hit.

However, the way to hit it is a bit sideways and the body part is slightly rotated.

Jump serve is a service that is done by throwing the ball up on the front.

Then when the ball is in the air the player jumps and hits the ball directed to the opponent’s area.

Under serve is a service that is done by throwing the ball sufficiently then the ball is hit through the bottom and the hands are in a clenched position.

Service over is a service that is done by throwing the ball up and then the player hits the ball when the ball is above the head.

3. Blocking

Blocking is a defensive technique from attacks from opponents so that the ball cannot enter the net.

The technique of blocking can also drive and drop the ball on the opponent’s field.

The blocking technique can only be done by players who are in the front line while players behind cannot block.

In this way, generally players who have a high posture with a high posture will be able to block the ball more easily.

4. Smash

Smash is a technique that is used to attack the enemy’s defense in the smash technique there are several techniques that must be understood, namely:

  • Semi smash
  • Push smash
  • Quick smash
  • Ace smash
  • Pull smash

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History of the Game of Volleyball

In 1985, the first game of volleyball was invented by William George Morgan in the United States.

Willian George Morgan is an instructor on physical education in an organization called the Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA).

The game of volleyball itself entered Indonesia in 1928 at that time it was only played by the Dutch and nobles.

On January 22, 1955 an organization called the All Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI) was born. After that, the development of volleyball in Indonesia progressed rapidly.

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