Watch: Aline Torres Video And Photos Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Watch: Aline Torres Video And Photos Viral On Twitter & Reddit
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Former Mexican football player Javier Cortes is in the news these days because he has been promoting the Only F content. Yes, the star has posted content from Only F on his page. He was actually promoting that content, and it is now said that the content he posted online is actually from his wife. Yes, Javier’s fans went crazy when they saw his wife’s bold and revealing outfits on his channel, while the star promoted his wife’s only f page.

A lot of people were shocked and didn’t agree with this, but a lot of other people stood up for the former footballer. We’ll talk more about this issue, so stay tuned. Javier’s wife, Aline Torres, has pictures that are racy and e*plicit, which Javier posted on his page. Even though it was said that he wants people to follow him on their page, it is not clear how he suddenly posted these pictures. This surprised many of his followers, and they were wondering why he made such a move out of the blue.

Javier is one of these players who is well-known by many Mexicans. He also played for the senior team twice and retired in 2020. Pictures of Aline, a blonde beauty who was both brave and beautiful, were put up where people could follow her o.F. One can pay to follow Aline on her O.F page and also follow her. Private, steamy videos of her could be posted on this page, since most of the platform is made up of private things from Stars.

A monthly subscription to Aline costs between $20 and $16 and is required to access her content on the platform. When Javier posted those photos on Twitter, he said that his wife’s photos were up. Even though the star posted such content about his wife online and also promoted it, as we’ve already said, many people supported him and many people were against him. In any case, this caused an online controversy that included Latin American and Mexican people.

When it comes to aline, it’s not clear what she does for a living or what she did before she turned to only f. But as of right now, the model is active on her socials and also promotes adult content on her other socials, like Twitter, Instagram, and Only F, where she also has a lot of followers. On Only f, she posts pictures of herself in wild or new outfits. On her other social media sites, she posts pictures of herself in other bold outfits. Aline has more options than just spending $20 per month. For example, she can pay over $114 for a six-month subscription plan.

Aline only has one Facebook page. So far, she has over 808 likes and 24 posts. A three-month subscription to her page costs 57 dollars, and she has posted 32 media, which could include videos. Aline has more than 7,258 followers on her Twitter page, which she has been updating since 2009. She also talks to people who follow her on this page. The model has more than 44.4k followers on Instagram and has made more than 400 posts on her page so far.



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