Watch Chelsea fans new chant for Mykhailo Mudryk lyrics mocking Arsenal go viral

Watch Chelsea fans new chant for Mykhailo Mudryk lyrics mocking Arsenal go viral
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Mykhailo Mudryk got things going right away for Chelsea on Saturday against Liverpool with the lyrics of his chant viral

The Ukrainian has gained popularity recently as a result of his £89 million transfer to Stamford Bridge, which needed a fierce transfer battle with Arsenal.

Mudryk appeared to be joining Arsenal this month for the longest time, but Todd Boehly and his supposedly unlimited bank account swooped in at the last minute to pay Shakhtar Donetsk’s eye-watering asking price.

Chelsea Fans New Chant For Mykhailo Mudryk Lyrics Mocking Arsenal Go Viral

How did Mudryk perform in his first game for Chelsea?

As soon as Mudryk was first seen holding a Chelsea jersey, those who weren’t previously aware rushed to learn more about the momentous arrival. Therefore, everyone was fascinated to see what Mudryk’s unchecked potential would appear like on the Premier League stage when he was introduced in the second half of Chelsea’s 0-0 tie with Liverpool at Anfield.

Both the Gunners and the Stamford Bridge fans were watching if their board had made the correct decision in withdrawing from the bidding battle. And, well, let’s just say that because of Mudryk’s captivating performance on Merseyside, Chelsea fans were the happier group at the end of the match.

Mudryk was a live fire on the left side for Graham Potter’s club. His game may have had some rough edges, but the boy was dynamic and fascinating to watch.

What has Mudryk’s new Chelsea supporter chant become?

Additionally, the Blues fans who had travelled to the northwest were present to lend support for Mudryk’s outstanding debut, which he will never forget. This is due to the fact that, as is frequently the case with such acquisitions, the crowd made a special effort to create a new chant that everyone can recite whenever the expensive acquisition is on the ball, comes off the bench, scores, assists, or does all of the above.

With their new anthem for Mudryk, Chelsea supporters went above and beyond, it’s safe to say. In fact, it was so significant that the man himself responded to it on Instagram. A sequence of blue heart emojis, a cheerful face, and a love heart were used by Mudryk to re-post a video of his chant being chanted from the Anfield terraces on his Instagram story in order to show his approval and happiness.

What does the Mudryk Chelsea chant mean?

It makes sense that Mudryk would wind up at the Bridges rather than the Emirates because it does disparage the Gunners. The entire lyrics, according to the Mirror, are as follows: “He arrived from Ukraine aboard Boehly’s private plane. Has Arsenal ever won the Champions League, Mudryk asked me. I responded, ‘No, you know where to go,’ to him. He then remarked, ‘I want to lift number three.’”

The 22-year-old was long rumoured to favour a move to north London, but it appears that he has handled the greatest turn of the January transfer season with grace. Mudryk is well aware that despite Arsenal’s current dominance in the Premier League, they have never taken home the trophy that Chelsea already has two of.

When Mudryk enters the field at Emirates Stadium on April 29, you can be sure that the needle will be off the charts.


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