Watch Drama Stranger Again (2023) with Indo Sub on Telegram –

Watch Drama Stranger Again (2023) with Indo Sub on Telegram –
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Want to watch the drama Stranger Again (2023) with Indonesian subtitles on Telegram, which is currently viral and much sought after.

Korean drama or Drakor has indeed become one of the spectacle genres that are in great demand by netizens lately.

Many of the latest Drakor have been released and are now making the audience curious, one of which is a drama called Stranger Again.

Stranger Again is the latest drama from South Korea which was released on January 18, 2023 yesterday.

This Drakor was directed by Kim Yang Hee together with Park Jin Ree as the story writer.

The story itself is quite unique, namely about a former husband and wife who meet again because of a job.

A lot of drama happened between the two of them who felt like strangers again even though they had lived together.

Also watch the performances of famous actors and actresses from South Korea, such as Jang Seung Jo, Kang So Ra, Jo Eun Ji, Lee Jae Won, and many more.

But before going to the watching link, also check the synopsis of the story below.

Sinopsis Drama Stranger Again (2023)

The main plot of this drama tells the story between Oh Ha-Ra (Kang So-Ra) and Ku Eun-Beom (Jang Seung-Jo).

Oh Ha-Ra (Kang So-Ra) is a lawyer, specializing in divorce.

This job is quite the irony in that she herself is also a divorcee.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband is Ku Eun-Beom (Jang Seung-Jo) and he is also a lawyer.

The two finally meet again due to a situation as colleagues.

The awkward feeling that the two had once divorced was mixed with the many things they had just found out about each other.

Intrigued by the continuation of the story? Watch it right away in the latest drama Stranger Again which has aired.

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