Watch “f*cking w*nker” Crystal Palace fans mock Eric Cantona with X-rated chant, video goes viral

Watch “f*cking w*nker” Crystal Palace fans mock Eric Cantona with X-rated chant, video goes viral
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The X-rated chant that Crystal Palace supporters sang earlier in the week regarding Man Utd star Eric Cantona has gained widespread attention as the video went viral

Wednesday night’s Premier League game ended in a 1-1 draw between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. The first-period advantage for United was provided by a goal by Bruno Fernandes. However, Michael Olise’s spectacular 30-yard free kick in stoppage time ended United’s winning streak.

It is well known that Eric Cantona is not popular with Crystal Palace supporters because the Frenchman was sent off and given a one-year football ban in 1995 after he kung-fu booted a Palace supporter during a match at Selhurst Park.

Crystal Palace fans mock Eric Cantona with X-rated chant, video goes viral

A Palace supporters’ chant against United was posted online on social media. The X-rated chant was led by a person who used a microphone to shout out the song’s lyrics. “Eric will bring his shit team, his ugly wife, his awful kids, and his garlic breath to Selhurst Park when he arrives.” “Eric Cantona is a f*cking w*nker, f*cking c*nt” (x2).

No regrets from Cantona’s side

Recent years have seen Eric Cantona admit his one regret from the kung-fu kick assault that resulted in the nine-month suspension. Cantona discussed the incident in a new movie called The United Way. Human are fragile sometimes, he added. He has been insulted thousands of times and have never reacted. But he regrets one thing. He had wished he could have kicked him even more. He asserted even though he received a nine-month suspension he had to serve as an example for them.

The abuser who started the altercation, Matthew Simmons, was prosecuted in court, where there was additional violence while he adamantly defended himself. Simmons asserted that he had yelled, “Off! Off! Mr Cantona, it’s an early bath for you!” during his trial in May 1996. Cantona provided an alternative account of what happened. He claimed that the fan also referred to his mother as a “French whore” and yelled, “F*** off back to France you French bastard.”

During the hearing at Croydon Magistrates Court, Simmons received a £500 fine for his aggressive behaviour as well as a one-year stadium ban. He chose not to receive the punishment because it was violent. In an attempt to attack Cantona’s attorney, Simmons leapt over the bench and kicked and grabbed prosecutor Jeffrey McCann. ! As a result, Simmons was detained for one week.


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