Watch Indonesian girl Aishatul Humaira pom pom and roast full video as link goes viral

Watch Indonesian girl Aishatul Humaira pom pom and roast full video as link goes viral
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Ever since the video-sharing platform TikTok has come into existence, the social media users are getting more and more attention with the video of an Indonesian girl now viral with the link

Not just the video-sharing platform TikTok, but all other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook etc are also being used way too much compared to before.

These platforms let the common people showcase their talent and they even gave us a number of new stars who were before in hiding as they didn’t have any platform to showcase their talent.

However, now with the help of the internet and social media these stars are getting more and more popular among the audiences.

Indonesian girl Aishatul Humaira pom pom and roast full video as link goes viral

One such girl who’s getting more and more popular across social media is from Bangladesh but is being mistaken for being from Bangladesh. The social media platforms like Twitter and others are flooded with the name of the girl as many want to know more about her.

For those who are unversed, let us tell you, search engine Google is recently flooded as users are searching about a girl and her videos link.

Let us tell you, the name of the girl is Aishatul Humaira and her recent video titled Aishatul Humaira Pom Pom video is getting more and more popular as everyone seems to be searching for the video.

Although the girl is from Bangladesh, social media users have mistaken her for being an Indonesian girl as they are searching “Link for Indonesian” girl Aishatul video.

If you’re wondering what exactly is in the video, let us tell you, her video is just a normal video like any other. In her video she seems to be doing normal activities.

However, her video is getting more popular because South Asian countries’ users seem to be trolling the girl, especially netizens from Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Humaira has started her social media career like any other person but within a few months, the girl has become a star of social media. She has a huge fan following across Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile Twitter users seem to be getting more and more enthusiasm for the Bangladeshi girl’s video, as they are sharing the link of her video.

One such user who shared the video of the girl wrote, “Update Video Aishatul Humaira Link Viral Ayshatul Humayra Full Video Viral.”

Another one added, “Watch Aishatul Humaira Tiktok Viral Video Trending On Twitter, Reddit
The video of Aishatul Humaira Tiktok is making waves on the internet.”

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