Watch OMEGA X Members Face Abuse By SPIRE Entertainment CEO Kang, Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Watch OMEGA X Members Face Abuse By SPIRE Entertainment CEO Kang, Video Goes Viral On Twitter
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At a press conference on November 16 at the Seoul Bar Association in Seocho, OMEGA X talked about the abuse claims against their former CEO with the video viral

During the press conference, Noh Jong Eon, the group’s lawyer, said that a lawsuit is being filed to get OMEGA X out of their contract with SPIRE Entertainment.

OMEGA X Members Face Abuse By SPIRE Entertainment CEO Kang, Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Instragram

Last month, one of OMEGA X’s fans said on Twitter that they had seen the CEO of the group’s agency, SPIRE Entertainment, hit the members after their concert in Los Angeles. SPIRE Entertainment first said in a statement that OMEGA X and the agency had “cleared up all their differences.” After the controversy kept getting people’s attention, SPIRE Entertainment apologised and said that the CEO in question had resigned. Still, more accusations kept coming out.

Omega X Going For A Criminal Case

The lawyer for OMEGA X said that the group was going to file a criminal complaint for assault, intimidation, indecent act by compulsion, and attempted threat. He also said, “We have a lot of proof, like pictures, videos, and voice recordings.” The lawyer said that after the assault, the members were threatened and sent a certification of contents that said each person had to pay 300 to 400 million won (about $230,000 to $300,000).

Also, above CEO Kang was Chairman Hwang, who did nothing even though he knew what was going on. The legal team said that they were going to ask Chairman Hwang for money and hold him criminally responsible for helping CEO Kang.

The members also talked about their own lives. “After practise was over, CEO Kang called me and made me drink,” Jaehan said. “There was also sexual harassment. My face and hand were touched. After she had a few drinks, she called me on KakaoTalk. She got angry and said that we have to crawl if we want to keep being idols. She also said she was going to kill herself, so the group went to therapy. We only wanted to be taken seriously as music fans.”

Yechan said that the CEO and Chairman were nice at first, but that they changed their lives and values in a bad way. Yechan also said that the members were duped during the drinking sessions. Hangyeom said that when people didn’t drink for someone else at company dinners, they were treated badly the next day. Sebin also said, “They said the next album wouldn’t come out if we didn’t go to drinking parties.”

Lawyer Seo Joo Yeon from Omega X also talked about how the members were sexually harassed. He said that they were touched on their thighs and faces so that they could hear each other’s breathing at the drinking parties they were forced to go to. Lawyer Seo also brought to light the CEO and Chairman’s mental and emotional abuse of the members by being nice to them at first and then hurting them because they wanted to be known as idols.

Omega X Members Finding It Hard To Settle A Normal Life

At the press conference, it was also said that the members are having trouble sleeping because of the abuse. In particular, Hangyeom said that he always felt anxious when he kept getting calls from drunk people. This made him feel anxious about normal sounds like vibrations, alarms, and the bass in music. When he was alone with CEO Kang, Hangyeom told him that he was having trouble breathing because of how hard things were.

Junghoon went on to say, “Since this happened and we went back home, we have never once received a sincere apology. Instead, they brought up the subject of us joining the military. They tried to scare us by sending us strange bills. We decided to do something when we found out we couldn’t talk to them.”

Before, OMEGA X also put out a group statement when they started a new Instagram account that wasn’t managed by their agency.

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