Watch pregnant Chrisean Rock beats two women trying to get to Blueface, fight video goes viral

Watch pregnant Chrisean Rock beats two women trying to get to Blueface, fight video goes viral
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As Blueface turned 26 a few days ago, he seemed to indicate that he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock are officially over as a fight video of her went viral

Even though they had a nasty social media fight on Friday (January 20), it wasn’t the end of their problems. The media reported that the “Thotiana” singer showed up at a party early on Saturday morning.

Blueface from Baltimore showed up to the party out of the blue and completely caught him off guard. It appears he attempted to flee in his own car. Some others, including Rock, tagged along after them.

pregnant Chrisean Rock beats two women trying to get to Blueface, fight video goes viral

This 22-year-search old’s for Blue predictably caused a major disturbance. As a result, a fight broke out not far from the Californian’s house. The reality diva can be seen in the video clip wearing the same hot pink jumpsuit she sported earlier that day.

Sometime later, she has the person she likes all to herself on one side of a car. According to rumours, Rock intended to take her ex with her when she left. Instead, she got into a fight with two other ladies.

The performer may have been on the floor for a while, but she was eventually able to get back up. Apparently, she and Blueface parted ways and drove off in different automobiles. There’s no telling if they regrouped thereafter to debrief on the events.

Chrisean Rock reveals that she is pregnant

Rock said she was expecting the OnlyFans creator’s child just hours before the incident. Blue has been steadfast in his refusal to acknowledge paternity of the unborn kid unless and until he sees DNA evidence to the contrary.

Interestingly, a second video purportedly showing the couple enjoying his birthday has appeared online. He stabs her caricature of them from The Fairly Oddparents cake in the video shared to @theneighborhoodtalk this afternoon. At the bottom, the words “Happy Birthday Daddy Blue” are printed.

Instead of using a knife to cut the yummy delicacy, Blueface filmed himself slashing Chrisean’s character in the face while laughing.

Fans have different views on Chrisean Rock issue

Many commenters have just stated the obvious. One commenter said, “He does not like that woman,” one person wrote. Another added, “For him to act like he don’t like her so much he damn sure keep finding his way back in her presence.”

A new episode of Chrisean and Blueface’s Crazy In Love reality series premiered today, too. Clips of the expectant woman speaking with a therapist about her abusive relationship have gone viral.

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