Watch the Head of BEM And His Secret Wife Update New Episode –

Watch the Head of BEM And His Secret Wife Update New Episode –
– #Watch #BEM #Secret #Wife #Update #Episode – Watching Bem’s Chair and His Secret Wife, which will start broadcasting on December 23, 2022, will become the center of attention for netizens.

The reason is that this web series is based on the popular novel on the Wattpad platform, which has been read more than 17 times.

So how is the storyline in this web series and whether or not this series is the same as the original novel story on Wattpad.

Synopsis Watch Chairman Bem And His Secret Wife

La Shaleta’s novel with the same title on the Wattpad platform was very popular at its time, this novel was made in 2020.

Thanks to the success of the novel, finally the novel La Shaleta was successfully adapted into a web series which will be aired the day after tomorrow.

For those of you who haven’t read the novel, there’s no need to worry because you can watch this web series right away.

Because even though there may be some story differences between the web series and the novel, the main storyline will remain the same.

This web series will tell the story of a secret marriage between the chairman of BEM named Reynand and Bella, an ordinary student.

Both of them have their own reasons and goals that force them to have a secret marriage that no one knows about.

It is known that the head of the BEM married because he wanted to obey his mother who was sick, that he wanted his child to get married soon.

On the advice of Reynad’s friends, Reynad finally chose a student named Bella to be his bride and groom.

Bella also finally agreed to the marriage for a certain reason that made her accept Reynand’s invitation.

In the teaser video that has been broadcast, it is explained that Bella’s father was a high-ranking campus official and mysteriously died.

Bella, who realized that there was an oddity behind the incident of her father’s death, Bella intends to investigate further about her father’s death.

Which turns out, it seems Reynand has an attachment and something to do with the case of Bella’s father’s death. This will make the storyline of this web series even more interesting.

Reynand and Bella are not lovers who love each other, both of them carry out the marriage awkwardly due to compulsion.

And actually, what was the incident and purpose behind their marriage which forced the two who were still in college to get married?

Gradually all the secrets behind this web series are starting to be uncovered and what will the end of this web series be like?

Player Profile Watch Bem And His Secret Wife Chairman

Player Profile Watch Bem And His Secret Wife Chairman

Before watching the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife, it’s a good idea to get to know the players in this series first.

There will be many top artists who will join in and show off their extraordinary acting talents.

Who are the actors and actresses who are cast in Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife? Check it out below.

1. Ajil Ditto – As Reynand

Ajil Ditto started to pursue the entertainment world from an early age and started as a child model.

At that time, he was still very young, namely 6 years old, but Ajil Ditto had started his career in the entertainment world since he was young.

Then finally he went to Jakarta to try to develop the talent he had at the age of 8.

The artist who was born in Medan, November 8, 2001 has the full name Muhammad Fazzill Alditto, which is shortened to Ajil Ditto.

He started his career in acting in 2011 until now which makes him have pretty good acting skills.

Besides plunging into acting, in the same year he also joined a boy band called Super 7.

Ajil Ditto has a great voice so his career as a singer through Super 7 was pretty good for his age at the time.

In 2013, Ajil Ditto got his first opportunity to act in a soap opera entitled Jessy and 7 Friends.

A year later, he played a film together with members of Super 7 entitled Suka Duka Super Seven.

However, over time the name Super 7 decreased and his fame diminished so Ajil Ditto decided to leave.

After that he played in a very popular soap opera at his time, namely Madun in 2015 and made him famous.

His name has been increasingly recognized by the people of Indonesia since his role in the soap opera Madun, which was quite successful.

Then Ajil Ditto began to develop his acting and rose to play in big screen films at that time together with Vino G. Bastian.

His first film was titled Toba Dream which was released in the same year, 2015 and pitted his acting against senior actors.

And after being judged to have good acting skills, Ajil Ditto got his first role in the film The Fabulous Udin.

He began to play various major roles in other films and web series that were no less popular, such as Natasha Wilona.

2. Ochi Rosdiana – As Bella

Ochi Rosdiana will play the main female character, Isabella or Bella in Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife.

The artist who was born in Depok, January 24, 1999 has dreamed of becoming an artist since childhood because he likes to appear in front of the mirror.

Dressed like an actress, Ochi Rosdiana really liked looking in the mirror and doing simple acts when she was little.

Since 2008, Ochi Rosdiana has appeared in the popular soap opera Ronaldowati at the age of 5th grade.

However, he did not continue his acting after that and tried to change the world of singing. At that time, Ochi auditioned to become a member of the JKT48 group in 2011.

Finally he was accepted and became a member of the first generation JKT48 group until 2012 before Ochi finally decided to leave.

His strongest reason for leaving was because he realized that his talent and passion for acting was bigger than singing.

Even though it only lasted one year, JKT48 was able to bring Ochi Rosdiana’s name to the Indonesian public.

But because she prefers to study acting, Ochi Rosdiana finally decided to leave JKT48 in 2012.

After that, he focused on honing his acting skills even deeper in several films and soap operas, including.

  • (2012) Gray White
  • (2013) Magic
  • (2014) Dad Why Am I Different?; The Series
  • (2014) Tiger Man
  • (2016) Hijab I love You
  • (2017) Son of Heaven
  • (2018) The Third Person
  • (2022) Ketua BEM and His Secret Wife

Her main role in Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife will be a springboard for Ochi to further explore her abilities.

He will compete acting with actor Ajil Ditto, who is his partner in Watching the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife.

3. Gritte Agatha – As Karina

In Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife, Agatha will play a journalist named Karina.

The possible reason for choosing Agatha as a journalist is because of her popularity and success in presenting a series of Podcasts by artists on her YouTube.

The actress who was born in Jakarta, March 9, 1996 began to be known since her role as Mae in Get Married The Series in 2010-2011.

However, the first film debut played by Agatha was a feature film titled Secret Star as Sheila.

Agatha has also played a role in a film with senior actors such as Adipati Dolken and Putri Marino in the film Possessive.

Apart from being an artist, Agatha is also trying to further develop herself by creating a studio business called Blessed Studio.

Even before he founded a clothing business called Gritte Smooth at the age of 17 and set up his own factory.

For now, Agatha is more preoccupied with creating her YouTube content, which includes Podcasts, Vloggers, and many more.

Agatha is also increasingly liked through her Podcast content which inspires many people through the stories of invited artists.

This year, Agatha returns to the world of cinema in Watch the Chairman of BEM and His Secret Wife with Ajil Ditto & Ochi Rosdiana.

Her ability in acting has been recognized by many people because of her success in playing Mae in Get Married The Series.

Therefore, Agatha will definitely give her best acting skills in Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife later.

Several other films that Gritte Agatha has successfully played from the beginning of her career to date, are as follows.

  • (2015) Honey
  • (2008) Secret of the Stars
  • (2014-2015) Angels Are Afraid to Fall in Love
  • (2016) Letter For You
  • (2012) Ciliwung Brandals
  • (2017) The Underdogs
  • (2022) Ashiap Man
  • (2012-2013) I’ll wait for you at the Sunday Market
  • (2018) Matchalatte
  • (2022) Nonton Ketua BEM and His Secret Wife

4. Victor Agustino – As Ditto

The name Victor Agustino began to be known since his participation in the Masterchef Indonesia Season 9 cooking competition.

Victor Agustino is an artist born in Semarang, August 26, 1997 who owns a restaurant in Semarang that sells a menu of nasi lemak.

As is well known, Victor’s true passion is in the culinary world, that’s why he follows Masterchef Indonesia.

Since college, Victor has deepened the culinary world and studied the sciences of cooking so that even after college, he worked in the culinary world.

And now, Victor is trying to get out of his comfort zone and hone his skills in acting again.

This is Victor’s first film which will be his first debut in acting along with other young actors.

Previously, Victor was famous only through the Masterchef cooking competition which made him the center of attention by netizens.

Because Victor’s good looks don’t need to be doubted, even though unfortunately he hasn’t won the Masterchef yet.

And now, Victor will try to hone his new skills in acting, it is possible that he can be successful in acting.

He will play the role of Ditto in Watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife which will air on December 23.

Link Nonton Web Series Ketua BEM And His Secret Wife

Link Nonton Web Series Ketua BEM And His Secret Wife

For those of you who are curious about this web series, you can use legal platform links to watch it.

Watching the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife is expected to be broadcast on Genflix media, and you can watch it legally there.

Or via the link below which you can use as a link to watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife.

We will provide the link for free so that all of you don’t miss watching the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife.

Make sure you watch the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife as a form of support for the success of Indonesian cinema.

Your contribution and the entire community in Indonesia will be very influential in the careers of the entertainment world in Indonesia.

Title Nonton Ketua BEM and His Secret Wife
Year of Release 2022
Watch Links Here

The final word

This is information about Watching the Head of BEM and His Secret Wife, which you can watch later on December 23, 2022.



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