Watch video allegedly shows Bryan Kohberger present at the vigil for the University of Idaho students

Watch video allegedly shows Bryan Kohberger present at the vigil for the University of Idaho students
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The suspect in the murders of four students at the University of Idaho, Bryan Christopher Kohberger, was taken into custody on January 18 with him apparently at his victims vigil as well

This was more than a month after the murders occurred on November 13. The 28-year-old is accused of stabbing to death four students at the University of Idaho with a J-shaped knife; their names are Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin.

Video allegedly shows Bryan Kohberger present at the vigil for the University of Idaho students

Social media web sleuths have been sent into a frenzy as a result of the accused’s arrest, which has sparked a flurry of new speculations about him. A Twitter user recently started spreading rumours that the suspect, Kohberger, attended the vigil for the four murdered Idaho students.

One Twitter user stated, “Whoa. Sure looks like him. Did you see the early Corner Club footage where he is glaring into the camera hours before the murders? Chills.” In the words of another commenter: “Are you freaking kidding me?! It really looks like him. Has this been proven?” A Twitter user started the conversation by asking, “Thoughts on Bryan being at the vigil on Nov. 30?” while including a YouTube link for background.

Whoa. That’s him, for sure. Several hours before the murders, did you view the tape from the Corner Club where he can be seen staring directly into the camera? Chills.

However, it is not feasible to confirm whether or not these assertions are true. Several strange stories, all without any basis in fact, have been circulating online since the investigation began. Because of this, you should only depend on information that has been officially released.

Details on the Bryan Kohberger

The 28-year-old was arrested over 2,000 miles from the scene of the crime and agreed to be deported from Pennsylvania to Idaho. Reports claim that after his arrest, his lawyer said his client was stunned and planned to deny any involvement in the murders. In connection with the four students’ murders, Kohberger was charged with four counts of first-degree murder and felony burglary.

Kohberger reportedly resided in Pullman, Washington, which is roughly nine miles from where the crime took place. The apartment and office were searched by police early on Friday, December 30, at Washington State University in Pullman.

FBI investigation was very intense with Bryan’s case

In the course of their investigation, the FBI interviewed with over 300 witnesses and reviewed approximately 20,000 tips. The University of Idaho community and the city of Moscow were first alarmed by the news of the murders and the prolonged period that passed without a suspect or significant advancements. After seven years, the city saw such a heinous murder.

Two law enforcement officials told the media that Kohberger was arrested after they traced his DNA to a white Hyundai Elantra. That had been seen at the scene of the crime and determined that he was the registered owner of the vehicle. Sources say the FBI kept tabs on him for four days prior to his arrest. During which time law enforcement and prosecutors gathered evidence to secure a warrant.

Using genetic genealogy techniques, Kohberger was connected to previously undiscovered DNA evidence. After running his DNA via a public database to check for probable family member matches. Police were able to positively identify him as the perpetrator. Afterward, it appears that authorities shadowed Kohberger for a significant period of time before finally charging him.

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