Water Sports – Definition, Types, Techniques, Benefits & Images – Kuri007.com

Water Sports – Definition, Types, Techniques, Benefits & Images – Kuri007.com
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Water sports – is a type of sport that is done in water that we can do individually or in groups. This sport can also be done in rivers, seas or swimming pools.

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Water Sports Is

Sport Water is a type of sport where all activities are carried out in water.

Exercise is a necessity for our members because by exercising our bodies will feel fit and healthy.

Because exercise can burn all the fat in the body.

However, with the development of the sports era, now it can not only be done on land but can also be done in water.

Before we further discuss about sports in water we must first understand the meaning of the sport.

So that when we do it we understand the intent and purpose and benefits.

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Kinds of Water Sports

From the several reviews above, there are also several types and patterns regarding water sports.

Among the various types of water sports include:

1. Urfing


Surfing is a sport that is applied to the surface of the air and following the wind and waves where athletes are referred to as surfers.

However, this term is not used by many people because surfer drives are slow and all surfers surf with surfboards made of several materials.

2. Rafting


Rafting is a sporting activity through adventure and education from the top of the mountain following the flow of water besides that this type of sport can test our faith.

This game is played in pairs and each team consists of four people with a driver who acts as a guide.

In this sport team cohesiveness is really needed because with teamwork it will be easy to pass all the obstacles that exist.

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3. Ski Air

seki air

Water skiing is a sport in which activities are carried out in water and some are pulled behind a boat by a surfboard and pulled by a long rope.

Sufficiently large waves can be used and can be boosted with one or two ski installation boards to ideally prepare the surface.

Surfing in water is a big challenge because it requires body muscles with strong lower body muscles so they can concentrate properly

4. Kano


Canoeing itself is a type of sport, the way to compete is no different from a boat, just like rowing with a certain rotation and distance in accordance with existing regulations.

The distance and distance in this canoe game is 200 m to 1000 m and the time is around 30 to 60 minutes.

Therefore canoes require additional equipment to be able to swim with swimmers and goggles.

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5. swimming


Swimming is a sport that uses various techniques to move the body and is highly recommended to support body health.

Because this sport uses the hands and feet to move the place when we enter the water, this sport is called swimming.

6. Polo air

polo air

Water polo is a sport that is played with both teams and soccer matches, so it is not yet known to most people.

7. Snorkeling


Snorkeling is one of the same activities as swimming for diving and swimming for swimming.

Snorkeling is usually done in shallow waters and flowing rivers with clear air when diving will be very enjoyable.

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8. Diving


Diving is a type of sport that is done by people who really understand the marine ecosystem.

Because if swimming sports are not guided by the right people – the right nutritionists will be very dangerous.

Swimming underwater is definitely not a motivation for divers as SCUBA is an acronym for Underwater Respirator Containing Cents

Benefits of Water Exercise

Water sports are not only fun but also make our bodies healthy.

The benefits that we can get from this type of water sports include:

1. Sufferers of Arthritis / Joint Pain

Arthritis is a joint disease that causes problems with exercise.

So water sports are perfect for people who suffer from pain in the joints because by swimming all of our joints will move.

2. Reducing the Risk of Chronic Disease

When you do this, all muscles and blood circulation will work properly so that it will make your body feel comfortable.

Because it can strengthen the immune system so you can be protected from various other dangerous diseases.

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3. Strengthens Bones

In this way you can avoid osteoporosis in old age or bone loss because by swimming our bones will become strong and avoid osteoporosis.

4. Mental Health

When your body rises into the air, cold air can actually be absorbed by the body and mind, so it has a relaxing effect. Exercise with exercise is good for overcoming or maintaining your mental health

5. Reducing the risk of heart disease / diabetes

Water has properties that support the body and relax the muscles in the body. This can also have a positive effect on your heart muscle.

Meanwhile, acceptable properties are normal sugar levels so you can avoid diabetes.

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