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Ways to Increase Gender Awareness Among Students – Today, the role of women is very broad in various aspects. We feel the role of education, society, culture, economy, and even women in the social field, for example in the political field. And this means that Indonesian women can build the nation and government through quality human resources.

So what is the relationship between Liberation and Gender Equality? Let’s schedule a time to discuss this. Raden Ajeng Kartini is a very influential and legendary person who is quoted from her book “After Darkness Comes Light” and from this quote in the book the word women’s liberation was born. Thanks to her services, in this international era, the role of women does not necessarily carry out tasks beyond women’s expectations, but is still within limits that must be considered.

Ways to Increase Gender Awareness Among Students

Emancipation is the granting of rights to a person or group of people whose rights were previously denied or ignored. Raden Ajeng Kartini represents the liberation struggle that brought big changes to Indonesian women, the struggle for women’s rights to education. Because we know that in the past, education for women or indigenous peoples was very taboo and difficult to achieve.

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Gender equality is a situation where men and women have the same (legal) rights and conditions (quality of life). Gender is a classification of roles, traits, attitudes, behaviors, and behaviors that develop in society. And gender roles are divided into productive roles, reproductive roles and social roles.

In fact, true liberation is empowering women to develop themselves and share their professional skills with men for the development of the country. There is no ulterior motive behind the liberation movement. Even if there is, it returns to the goals and motivations of the person or group fighting for it.

Gender equality and liberation are two different things. Gender equality is essential equality or gender equality between women and men. If we look at the body, it is clear that men and women are very different. Psychologically, there is a difference between women who use 90% emotion and the rest logic and different men who use 90% logic and the rest emotion.

The term women’s liberation refers to women being granted all human rights such as the right to speak, the right to life, etc. giving But women should be in nature. Freedom is the pursuit of the idea of ​​gender equality in the form of real action in women’s lives. It would be nice if we interpreted and interpreted women’s emancipation as the cooperation of men and women in fulfilling life. As a couple, of course, both have the same status and have the same rights without any differences.

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Jakarta (12/01) – The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Bintang Puspayoga invites the younger generation of women to be more active in entrepreneurship.


Komnas HAM has carried out a series of routine communications with Komnas HAM extension staff through the extension assistant section. Continuing from the regular discussion of the previous series, the third series “One and the same: our view of gender?” topic to be raised. “From a gender standpoint, debate participants must understand the meaning of gender and apply the concept of gender equality in their duties at Komnas HAM, as well as in everyday life,” said Plt. Head of Counseling, Rima Purnama Salim.

The three break panel discussion series was moderated by Andri Ratih (Ratih) and featured presentations from the Komnas HAM Extension Team, Luvikar Alfan Kahasta (Alfan) and Sri Rahayu (Ayu). The ceremony was held online on Wednesday (12/08).

Forum for Development Studies (fkp)

At the start of a typical conversation, Ayu tries to probe the participants’ responses by showing several television commercials (TVC) or TV commercials related to sex. TV commercials highlight the issue of gender inequality in everyday life. Through the snippets of life shown, Ayu develops gender material which can be conveyed to the participants through ordinary speech.

Ayu discusses gender topics such as gender equality, gender (gender), gender inequality, and the application of a gender perspective in everyday life. “When I was a student, I once tried to participate in the presidential election, but I faced problems because of my gender,” said Ayu.

The concept of gender includes the terms gender identity and gender expression, said Alfan. He explained, gender identity is how a person perceives himself as male or female. On the other hand, gender expression is the way a person expresses their gender through clothing, hair, voice and behavior.

Alphan also said that sex and gender are different. Gender refers to the socially created characteristics of men (masculinity) and women (femininity). Gender refers to the biological differences between men and women. These differences can be seen in the reproductive organs and genetic differences.

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According to Eka C. Tanline, social consultant for Alphan, “gender is fixed, a male penis and a female vagina. Gender can be changed. For example, women can be masculine and men can be feminine.

Concluding the discussion, Komnas HAM Extension Coordinator Yuli Asmini said that gender equality must be considered in Komnas HAM offices as a result of the third series of routine discussions. In order to prevent and deal with gender-based violations, it is necessary to establish an internal complaint mechanism, a loyalty agreement or a Secretary General regulation. (Feri/LY/RPS) Naufal Alif is a student at the Undip Faculty of International Relations. Research focused on securities research. Apart from writing about the international relations movement, I am also interested in literature and poetry.

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Bendan Ngisor, Semarang City (27/7). Students from the 2020/2021 Undip KKN II team raised the importance of cyberbullying awareness during a disaster. The Village Action Agenda was inspired by the activism of social media users since the outbreak of Covid-19. The main target of this program is to focus on children, especially elementary school students. In addition, most of the activities carried out as work from home (WFH), including education, involve potential dangers. The mission of this prevention program is based on the goal of gender equality, one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Because SDG is implemented in rural areas. This is important to watch out for because when bullying or cyberbullying occurs in digital media, it often involves injustice to one of the genders that is the victim.

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The Cyberbullying Empowerment Program is licensed under RW 01 Bendan Ngisor, the program’s main location. Before holding the public hearing, they chatted on WhatsApp with the Head of RW 01 Pak Subroto and PKK women. As a result, many elementary school children have devices with social media accounts. Apart from online learning, communication between children and parents about education has also increased through WhatsApp messages and other sites. This program requires parents to address their child’s safety concerns immediately.

For this concern and opportunity, Naufal Alif (21), an Undeep Community Service student approached the community in two ways, namely video media and information posters. Considering that the implementation of KKN is carried out online in accordance with university regulations, face-to-face interactions are limited and should be avoided. On Thursday (27/7), social interaction took place using a bulletin board. Then there was a discussion and important notes came out. In fact, bullying still occurs among children. The problem for parents is that the older the abuser gets, the younger their child may not be able to deal with it, and they may even be afraid to tell their parents. Ms. Katik, who is a member of PKK RW 01, explained that this practice was feared to occur on social media.

Then proceed with social interaction using video media. Apart from explaining the link between cyberbullying, gender equality and its impact on children, the videos produced by these students provide answers to several concerns and suggestions for preventing cyberbullying among children. The motivation for this movement is to fight cyberbullying, have the courage to report it, and always reach out to those closest to you. Because the roots of gender discrimination will continue in the future as long as inflammatory and threatening words against the sexes continue. Meet Bendan Ngisor’s children who are able to learn further with their gadgets (Dokpri). Community reaction to cyberbullying (Dokpri). Unknowingly, the issue of gender equality has not been resolved. Therefore, it is important to apply gender awareness raising methods among students.

As an old school that knows and understands gender equality. It is good not only to understand what gender equality is.

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For example, if you choose a class teacher, no

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