Web series Kaam Purush: Primeshots, Cast, Trailer

Web series Kaam Purush: Primeshots, Cast, Trailer
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On the official Primeshots app, you can watch Kaam Purush online. On January 1st, 2023, the family drama program debuted. Because of the excellent performances and captivating plot, viewers adored the Kaam Purush web series.

Aliya Naaz, Pihu Jaiswal, and Shyna Khatri were given the lead parts in the Kaam Purush web series. The four 20–25 minute episodes of the online series Kaam Purush are produced by the Primeshots crew. Follow For More Updates at Kuri007.com

Kaam Purush is a web series narrative

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A woman desires her husband’s love in the web series opening episode. In order to fulfill her fantasies of being in bed with her spouse, she turned to the occult and black magic. When black magic went wrong and disrupted their lives, things took a dramatic turn.

Alia Naaz portrays the occult specialist. She did it despite having the appearance of a witch. Shyna Khatri and Pihu Kanojia are playing significant roles in the online series. Additionally, it is possible that Shyna Khatri and Pihu Kanojia will clash. Pihu Kanojia has engaged in several girl-on-girl interactions.

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Shyna Khatri would be in a scene like this for the first time

The Primeshots app hasn’t produced any girl-on-girl-related web series in a very long time. There is a tremendous possibility to increase the number of app downloads with this kind of material.

One of the first genres where building the environment is more crucial than conveying a tale is web series. A fascinating conversation between Shyna Khatri and Pihu Kanojia is something to look forward to. Watch web series online or on the Primeshots app to learn what happens next. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Whether there is a cliffhanger or not, the entire series is worth watching. Pihu Kanojia, Aliya Naaz, and Shyna Khatri make numerous appearances in the Kaam Purush web series. These actresses will likely appear in a variety of areas across the Web Series in addition to this one.

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