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Language is an effective means of communication between individuals and other individuals. Each region certainly has a variety of different languages.

In Indonesia, the national language is set to be Indonesian. However, in every region of Indonesia, there must be a regional language.

Not far from Indonesia, Malaysia also has various regional and national languages. The national language of Malaysia is Malay.

In 2023 there are several popular languages ​​in society, one of which is Mak Kau Hijau. This sentence is very popular among Indonesian netizens.

On the other hand, most netizens do not know the true meaning of the sentence. Are you one of them? If so you can slide your cursor down now.

About Mak Kau Hijau

The meaning of this sentence is a part of the Malaysian language which is quite popular among social media netizens.

In addition, netizens also want to know the true meaning of the sentence. For those of you who want to know, please don’t be surprised.

This is because the meaning of this sentence has quite a negative connotation and one must be careful in using this sentence.

The sentence that is currently popular on social media is part of the Malay language. If you frequently use Malay, you should be familiar with the use of this sentence.

Then, what does Mak Kau Hijau mean? If you are curious about the meaning and meaning then you can slide your cursor down, now.




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