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What is Public Speaking, Purpose, Benefits, and How to Do It – Kuri007.com
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Maybe most of you don’t know what public speaking is, what is its purpose, what are the benefits, and how to do it. If you are one of them, then you are reading the right article.

Judging from its name, the term public speaking is closely related to public speaking. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that statement.

But to know more precisely, here is some information about public speaking that you need to know.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is an ability or skill that is very profitable for someone. Not only in educational and work environments, you can use this ability in various activities in social life.

Basically, public speaking is an ability to present and convey a hat in public without the slightest feeling of nervousness. Someone can convey information in front of an audience clearly and master the right technique.

The most important point in this public speaking skill, which is about how someone can speak well and structured. So the ideas conveyed when speaking, can be understood by many people easily.

Not only relying on the way people communicate, this one skill also needs to be accompanied by high self-confidence. With good demeanor (correct body language), the audience will feel comfortable listening to the information you convey.

Tujuan Public Speaking

Even though at first glance the practice of public speaking is like giving speeches in general, the techniques you use need to be adjusted to your goals. So, here are some of the goals of using public speaking.

1. Inform Something

Inform Something

Conveying information to many people is the most basic purpose of this public speaking. The type of information presented may vary, from counseling on social movements, important news or information, to new knowledge for the audience.

2. Conveying Motivation

Delivering Motivation

Consciously or not, it turns out that the words conveyed using good public speaking techniques can change the way listeners perceive something. Usually a person can also channel new energy and enthusiasm to the people around him, even if only verbally.

3. Controlling the Situation

Controlling the Situation

It can be said that speaking skills are also able to help you to control the conditions and atmosphere around you. For example, when an event feels quiet, then you can take over with the right public speaking to revive the atmosphere.

4. Influence the Audience

Influence Audience

Not only are you required to be able to process information so that other people can easily understand it, public speaking also has the goal of making the audience interested in hearing the topic until it’s finished. This is done to gain the confidence of the audience.

5. Entertaining the Audience

Entertaining Audience

Did you know that a comedian that you usually see on comedy shows is also required to be able to use good public speaking techniques. This is because the audience can feel interested and entertained if the comedian can present his joke material clearly.

Manfaat Public Speaking

If you succeed in mastering public speaking techniques well, you will feel a lot of benefits. Therefore, here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from mastering this soft skill.

1. Increase Self-Confidence

Increase Self-Confidence

Speaking in front of many people requires high self-confidence. But if you are used to doing it, then slowly your self-confidence will continue to increase. Of course this will feel very useful when you are in a work environment or everyday life.

2. Capital to Start a Business

Capital To Start A Business

This ability in front of many people can also be one of the important assets for a businessman, especially when marketing their products. For example, when you want to introduce a product to the market, of course the delivery that is made must be really appropriate.

Growing Leadership Skills

A good leader, of course, must know how to coordinate well with each of its members. Therefore, a leader also needs to understand public speaking skills as a form of implementation in controlling members and himself.

4. Easy to get along with

Easy to get along with

The next benefit that can be felt from mastering public speaking is that it is easier to socialize on a daily basis. If you master public speaking, of course you have a way to keep the conversation going. And this can make your circle wider, because it’s easier to get along with.

5. Convey Ideas Smoothly

Convey Ideas Fluently

One of the best ways to convey ideas or ideas, is to speak in public. If you keep ideas in mind, of course people won’t know. But conveying this idea needs to be done in the right way, so that the idea can be accepted.

6. Providing New Knowledge

Providing New Knowledge

By establishing good communication with many people, you can get new knowledge indirectly from the person you are talking to. You can also use this ability to measure your ability to understand various types of audiences.

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Cara Public Speaking

Cara Public Speaking

For some people, this public speaking technique is quite difficult to master. But you don’t need to worry, there are some tips you can do to master public speaking techniques more quickly, as explained below.

Prepare Thoroughly

If you are not used to speaking in public, then try to prepare yourself some time before appearing. You can try to write down the framework of the things that will be discussed on paper, then practice speaking in front of the glass first.

Gives a Good Impression in the Initial 10 Seconds

The first 10 seconds are crucial moments that will determine whether you can establish interesting and interactive communication with your audience or not. In this time, you will really be the main concern and give a good impression to captivate the audience’s interest.

Building Confidence

When speaking in front of many people, the main capital needed is self-confidence. When your self-confidence is high, it is usually easier to convey material that has previously been mastered.

Creating Good Body Gesture

Self-confidence, as previously said, will usually also be followed by good body gestures. The gestures referred to in this case are clear vocals and eye contact. The right language and body movements, of course, make the audience feel more comfortable.

Keep getting used to it

As is well known, it takes a long time to build soft skills within yourself. So if you want to really master public speaking techniques well, then you need to get used to it.

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Now it’s clear, what is public speaking, what is the goal, what are the benefits, and how to do it? In essence, this public speaking skill will continue to improve if you are used to doing it.



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