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Are you looking for information about “What Kiw Kiw Means in Slang”? If so, click on this page to find the answer, now.

Social media is a technology that is being used and favored by most netizens as a means of communication, are you one of them?

In Indonesia, the use of social media is very popular, such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and others.

The functions of social media also vary, for example, communicating remotely, sharing activities that are being carried out or not, live broadcasts, and others.

The effects of using social media turned out to be positive, one of which was the emergence of new slang, such as the word “kiw kiw”. Have you heard this word?

Do you already know the meaning of the pronunciation of “kiw kiw”? if you haven’t, you’re not alone. Some netizens are also looking for information about the word.

So, what does this popular word mean? Why are some netizens searching for the meaning of “kiw kiw” so much? if you are curious, click the link below, now.

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