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WhatsApp Aero v9.52 – You can find many interesting things when communicating using the Aero Whatsapp application version 9.52. Where you can open all the premium features in the application at no additional cost.

The Aero WA 9.52 application is also a messaging communication medium that is very easy to use. In fact, the system implemented in it can be studied by every user who downloads it.

You will find something different when you install and use Aero Whatsapp v9.52 on Android. Because there are some excellent features that you don’t find in the original WA version.

Description of Aero Whatsapp v9.52

Aero Whatsapp v9.52, is a messaging application developed by developer Fouad Mokdad. Where the application is inspired by the original Whatsapp version which was launched earlier.

Actually, this is not a new thing in the world of applications, in fact, there are already many applications of this kind. The advantage of the WhatsApp Aero v9.52 application is that its features are more complete.

You can maximize the communication functions in the application to connect with other users. Because the WA Aero 9.52 application also adopts the same function as the original version of Whatsapp.

Featured Features of Aero Whatsapp Mod 2023

Meanwhile, all the Aero Whatsapp 9.52 features added by the developer are a bonus for users. Not infrequently, users think this is something interesting to use.

Because you can feel different things from using Aero Whatsapp 9.52 in general. You can even explore the various advantages of the application directly when sending messages.

Of course this is something you can enjoy more with the WhatsApp Aero apk mod 9.52 function according to its designation. In fact, you can find a lot of different things when using it.

You can send messages with the mode or style that you choose and is supported by many features. Certainly, the activity of communicating with this one application will please the user more.

Although to have this application can only be done outside the Play Store policy. But that doesn’t dampen the interest of users to install it on their Android devices.

This is largely due to the limitations of the usage system in the original version. For this reason, some users then prefer this kind of application so they can get more leverage.

As we explained on the top page of the article earlier, the Aero Whatsapp application has a myriad of features. Users can take advantage of every feature of this application to make it easier to use.

Moreover, all the features added in the application are more compared to the original version. However, you can still use it easily and there are no additional costs at all.

You can use the following Aero Whatsapp 9 52 features:

Deactivate last seen

This application allows you not to use the last seen or last seen feature. Thus, it seems as if you are not active and other users are reluctant to send chats.

Disable read status

Using this application allows you to be invisible while reading other users’ stories. So you can find out what other users upload without being seen on the list.

Anti-delete messages

You can also read messages sent by other users even though they have been deleted. So whatever the contents of messages sent by other users you can easily read and reply to.

Anti-delete stories

Likewise other user stories that were accidentally deleted, using this application you can still read them. This will make it easier for you to find out what other users have uploaded.

No ads

Using this application will not be disturbed by advertisements at all, so you will not feel annoyed when using it.

Anti banned

The security features in this application also contain an anti-ban account that allows you to use it at any time without any problems.

Limit forward messages

Users of this application can also easily send messages to other users and limit the forwarding of these messages.

Chat without saving contacts

You can also chat anytime easily and quickly without having to save other people’s contacts.

You can enjoy all the features described on the page above at no additional cost. Thus, you can more easily operate this application at any time.

Turn off the blue tick

In general, the WA application always marks reading messages with two blue ticks. However, this application can disable the blue tick even though you have read all received messages.

Lots of latest themes

The choice of themes in this application is also very large and you can decide for yourself which one you want to use.

Complete selection of stickers

Apart from themes, you can also choose various in-app stickers to send messages with other users.

More emojis

There are also lots of emoji in this application and you can easily use them to reply to someone’s message.

Excess Whatsapp Aero 9.52 Apk Mod

As we explained earlier, using this one application is indeed more interesting than the original version. Because Whatsapp Aero presents various profitable advantages.

In this case, many users are interested in using the application because it is considered more adequate. Even users can maximize all the functions of the features that have been added by the developer.

Like some of the following advantages of Whatsapp Aero v9.52:

  1. Anyone who downloads and installs this application can take advantage of all the features in application. Moreover, the use of features in this application is not subject to additional fees.
  2. Furthermore, all users of this application can also easily change the font or letters. Where there are many choices of fonts or letters that can be selected and used.
  3. The security system implemented by the developer in this application is also more complex. So, besides being able to lock the cellphone that is used, you too can lock the application this one.
  4. Installing apps on Android devices too does not require a r**ting system. Where you can install it easily because the application is compatible with Android.
  5. Storage size application files are also relatively light, so it will not interfere with the phone’s performance. Where you can use it anytime to send messages more easily.
  6. Everything added into this application obviously better quality compared to other versions. You can get a different experience when using it for communication.
  7. The appearance of this application is much more modern and certain dominated by good graphics. You can see the details of the application clearly and use it according to its function.
  8. When you use this application, you get Send messages in any form In fact, you can send messages in large numbers and capacities.
  9. The application also allows you to download story or status from other WA users. Then share it for your own status or just for collection.
  10. Users can also install this application into Android with multiple accounts. So, apart from this version of the WA application, you can install the original version of the WA application on Android.

Not only limited to the several advantages that we have explained on the above page. The Whatsapp Aero application also has a variety of complete and superior features for each user to maximize.

There are several differences between the Whatsapp Aero apk mod and the original version that you download from the Play Store.

To find out the various advantages in the Whatsapp Aero application, what are the benefits that you can get. Then you have to download it first to the Android phone that you have.

Download the WhatsApp Aero Version 9.52 application

Apart from explaining the main functions of the Whatsapp Aero v9.52 application thoroughly. We have also included a download link for you to use if you are interested in using this application.

You can also directly adjust the type of device to the size of the application file so that it can be installed. In order not to beat around the bush, please see the explanation in the information table below.

Apk name Whatsapp Aero
Apk update 2023
apk version V9.52 Latest Mod
Apk file size 67 Megabytes
OS minimum Android 4.0 or above
Price apk Free
Genre apk Communication
Apk download link “HERE”

Downloading Whatsapp Aero onto your Android phone is also very easy. Because you can press once on the download icon provided in the information table above.

After you finish downloading the application Whatsapp Aero it into Android. So, then you are required to install it so that you can use the application at any time.

But you need to note, that downloading modified applications outside the Play Store also affects installation. The reason is, you can only install this application manually.

This process requires you to grant installation permission before installing. Thus, the application will be installed properly and you can use it.

How to install WA Aero 9.52 on Android iOS

We have also provided instructions on how to install this kind of modified WhatsApp Aero for you to make reference to. The goal, so that the application installation can run smoothly and you are not confused about doing it.

  • First check if the file already downloaded or not.
  • If you have, then you go to Android settings.
  • After that, just activate it security and privacy settings.
  • Then, immediately click on unknown sources option for his permission.
  • Open the folder, and click on the file application to install.
  • Wait and complete the process install the application to complete.
  • Then, you can open and run
  • Until here, process complete application install.

We recommend that you follow the installation tutorial above sequentially and correctly. This is necessary, so that the application can be installed properly and can be fully used.

Because if the installation is done without giving access permission first. It could be that the application cannot be opened or other problems often occur which cause problems.

For that, if you open the application and there are still problems due to the installation process. Then uninstall the application again, and just repeat how to install this application with the correct method.

We cannot provide confirmation regarding security guarantees when you use the application Whatsapp Aero mod apk 9.52. Because we are here only to share information and are not developers.

So, we don’t have the capacity to ensure that using the application is safe or not. Because everything comes back to the user to use the application wisely.

That means, you may just use a modified version of the application like this aero wa 9.52 or other types. However, in using this application, don’t overdo it and understand how to use it.

Because this application is still considered to have no permissions like other applications in the Play Store. So, your application account could be permanently deleted or what is termed banned.

For that, you have to be more vigilant about using the application and pay attention to the download. Because when you download it, this application file might include mal*are data which can be damaging.

This of course will harm you as an application user because you cannot maximize usage. So, you have to be more careful and use the application only as needed.


Some users make Whatsapp Aero v 9.52 the best option for using chat applications. Have this application on your device by downloading it from the link on the top page.



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