Who Are Ayla Malik Nawab & Imran Khan? Audio Clip

Who Are Ayla Malik Nawab & Imran Khan? Audio Clip
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Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, is once more making headlines after a claimed audio clip of him and other politicians quickly became popular on social media. This audio clip was first heard online on a journalist’s YouTube page, where it quickly attracted a sizable following.

In no time, this recording sparked a furor online in Pakistan and throughout the entire world. The audio tape shows a private conversation between two individuals, one of whom is later identified as former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan. Stay tuned as we go into more depth about both the conversation and the audio clip.  Follow For More Updates at Kuri007.com

Who Is Ayla Malik Nawab?

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Ayla Malik Nawab, another PT party member, is also made fun of. The PTI party addressed this matter and said that the opposition had produced this audio in an effort to disparage their leader. On the other side, it is evident that many are already upset and are making fun of Khan because of the audio tape. Azhar Mashwani, the leader of the PTI, adding that the situation was the same and that people were disparaging their leader by utilising the audio clip. While they haven’t yet identified the individual responsible for this bogus call, PTI member Arslan Khalid noted that the audio call is fake.

The lady can be heard pleading with the man earlier in the call, and the male can be heard pleading with the woman to meet him right away. While many journalists have also made fun of the audio clip. A Pakistani journalist called Syed Ali Haider released the audio clip online and said that the former prime minister was speaking with a lady. The video also includes other conversations in which the speaker in the audio is discussing positive aspects. Whether Imran Khan is actually the individual in the video is a matter of debate.

Imran Khan and Ayla Malik Nawab audio clip

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One party is heard speaking to the other in a private conversation in an audio clip that was posted online on a journalist’s YouTube account. Although it is audible that one voice resembles Imran Khan, a former Pakistani minister. Imran Khan was mocked and criticised for his behaviour by a large number of people as soon as the tape was made public online. While it is apparent that the two got along well and had chats together earlier, it is also possible that they had a private moment or hint earlier. On YouTube, this recording received millions of views, and many individuals used it to propagate hate. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Full conversation between Imran Khan and Ayla Malik Nawab

Later, it was discovered that the woman on the other end of the audio call was none other than PTU member and politician Ayla Malik, and the two were conversing privately on a mobile device. The [email protected] audio quickly went [email protected] and attracted a sizable following. The man in the audio tape was heard expressing that he is unable to visit her home since he is busy these days and he also has some set schedules as well. The audio clip has some hints of discussion.

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