Who Is Alfie The Alpaca Of Oxfordshire, His Story And FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions

Who Is Alfie The Alpaca Of Oxfordshire, His Story And FIFA World Cup 2022 Predictions
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Alfie the Alpaca is the latest animal in the long line of animals who served as fortune-tellers for the FIFA World Cup after predicting the outcomes for England and Wales, know his story and predictions

The 10-year-old Alpaca lives in Fairytale Farm in Chipping Norton, located in Oxfordshire, England.

Who Is Alfie The Alpaca Of Oxfordshire, His Story And FIFA World Cup 2022 England And Wales Predictions

So far, Alfie has made his predictions for Group B, which includes the teams, England, Wales, the USA, and Iran.

Alfie the Alpaca Predicts England and Wales’ Results In The World Cup Matches

Alfie the Alpaca’s caretakers placed two feeding stations in front of him, which were marked with opposing teams’ flags. The alpaca made his choices beside two of his friends: Horace and Hagrid.

For the first match between England and Iran, Alfie chose the Iranian flag. Alfie however chose in favour of England when predicting the team’s chances of advancing into the semi-finals. Alfie further predicted that the USA will perform well in the group stage, and reach the next stage.

As for Wales, Alfie predicted that Wales will be crash out of the world cup alongside Iran. Alfie further predicted that England will win past Wales in a crucial last match.

So far, Alfie’s first predictions about Iran and England proved to be wrong as England won over Iran. Whether or not the rest of Alfie’s predictions will play out remains to be seen.

Always Give You This Knowing Look

Nick Laister, who is the caretaker at Fairytale Farm, where Alfie the Alpaca lives gave his statements about the animal. He stated:

Alfie is one of our smarter and responsive alpacas on the farm who has an abundance of common sense, so if I was pushed to pick an animal to make the right decision, it’d be him.

Nick shared his hopes that Alfie’s latest predictions would prove wrong and both England and Wales make it through the group stages. Laister shared a comment that the alpaca ‘always give you this knowing look’ and he usually knows ‘a little bit more than you do’.

The caretaker continued with his statement saying:

He’s had a go. We’ve given him a test run, and he’s seemed to have predicted exactly the same. We’re fairly sure he knows what he’s doing

Alfie the Alpaca Brings Back Memories Of Paul the Octopus

Years before Alfie the Alpaca, Paul the Octopus previously gained worldwide recognition as an animal oracle. Paul correctly predicted the results for eight matches in World Cup 2010.

The famous octopus lived in a tank located at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. Paul ended up making accurate predictions on Germany’s seven matches.

Paul chose the winners by choosing between two boxes filled with food inside. Each box featured the teams’ flags outside, and the box that Paul chose to eat from was considered the winning team.

Most notably, Paul correctly chose Spain as the winner against the Netherlands for the 2010 World Cup.

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