Who is Becca Serrano on The Bachelor season 27, her age, family, job and Instagram

Who is Becca Serrano on The Bachelor season 27, her age, family, job and Instagram
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Travel and beauty enthusiast loves Becca Serrano ‘forbidden romances,’ know more about this beauty on The Bachelor below

The 27th season of ‘The Bachelor’ will feature Zach Shallcross who is a 30-year-old software sales executive who hails from Anaheim Hills, California. Through Zach’s journey on the show, Zach will be meeting thirty single women at different stages in life and all are eager to win his heart with their efforts and trick.

Who is Becca Serrano on The Bachelor season 27, her age, family, education, job and Instagram

The season is progressing and fans will get to know Zach as a person and they will see how he is handling the pressure of dating multiple women at once. Also, viewers will get to know Becca Serrano better.

Becca Serrano age, family, education and professional carer

Becca Serrano is a young 25-year-old woman who is a nursing student hailing from Burbank, California. She attended Kentucky University. Her Instagram profile states, ‘it is clear that Becca is quite a passionate girl about fashion, outdoors, and her furry friend.’ Becca also often uploads pictures of herself in trendy outfits and she loves nature and enjoys hanging out with her dog as she is a dog lover. ‘

The Bachelor’ season 27th participant also has a love for what she calls “forbidden romance novels, which Becca also mentions in her Instagram bio. Becca is a self-proclaimed “dog mom,” which is evident from the several photos of her with her pet.

With a great passion for helping out others and a heart of gold, Becca dedicates her life to caring for those people, who are in need. Growing up in a close-knit Mexican-American family, she was born and raised by her mother whom she describes as a person whom she “loves most in this universe.” But the name of her mother is not known.

Becca also enjoys being outdoors and she likes relaxing in nature. During her days in high school, Becca was well known for her love for beanies and was stated to have a “skater-girl” vibe. Having a unique blend of compassion and quirkiness, she is the one-of-a-kind catch and we can’t wait to see her story unfold on Bachelor. The Bachelor’s Season 27th began premiering on Monday, 23rd January.

Becca Serrano’s net worth

Becca Serrano is estimated to have a net worth of $200 k in 2023.

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