Who Is Cameron Milton 18 Year Old Rugby Player Of Bolton High School Who Killed Himseld

Who Is Cameron Milton 18 Year Old Rugby Player Of Bolton High School Who Killed Himseld
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Terrifying news as 18-year-old rugby player Cameron Milton who was apparently ‘terrified’ of dying after suffering a concussion, dies from suicide

Cameron Milton suffered a concussion at a rugby match back in August 2021, following which he had been facing symptoms like dizziness, tremors, loss of balance, and heart palpitations.

18-Year-Old Rugby Player Cameron Milton, Who Was ‘Terrified’ Of Dying After Experiencing Severe Concussion Symptoms, Dies From Suicide

Cameron was apparently a rising rugby player, aged just 18 and played for the Bolton Rugby Club.

Cameron Milton Dies From Suicide

The now deceased teenager was found dead on the morning of March 29, 2022. His mother, Jo Milton discovered the dead body at around 7 am when she went in to wake him up.

The mother reportedly tried to resuscitate him but gave up and told the paramedics when they arrived:

“He’s gone, I know he’s gone.”

Medical officials carried out a toxicology test on the young boy’s body, which showed that he had died from poisoning. During the police investigation, it was revealed that Milton had “clearly poisonous” plant material in his room.

Concussion Scare

Cameron, who attended Bolton School, was apparently terrified of the several concussion symptoms that he had been experiencing. The youngster suffered a terrible concussion during a rugby match back in August of 2021.

Following the injury, Cameron began experiencing dizziness, tremors, loss of balance, and heart palpitations. Despite running a number of tests doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with Cameron. Moreover, due to the risk of radiation exposure, experts advised against a head CT scan.

He was always up for a laugh

Cameron’s school friends revealed that he had constantly revealed his fear of dying. The young rugby player was apparently an excellent student, especially in the classics, PE, and geography.

However, his constant fear and his ongoing medical condition caused him to drastically decline in his academic performance. Cameron’s mom shared how the Covid-19 lockdown had a “massive impact” on her son.

Mrs. Milton shared:

“He loved being with his brothers and his mates. He was always up for a laugh and he wanted to become a personal trainer.

Regular Heart Tests

Mrs. Milton also revealed how Cameron regularly tested his heart rate and blood pressure. The test result occasionally showed spikes and high readings which further scared him. Despite the worrying problems, Cameron was

still laughing and being his normal self

Despite ECG tests and blood tests showing nothing, Cameron continued to believe he had a heart condition.

The young boy was completely “scared” and convinced that he would die. In fact, he even recorded voice notes on Snapchat “in the event of his unexpected death”. The night before he died, Cameron peacefully went to bed after telling “love you” to his mum.

A Very Much-Loved Son, Brother, Grandson, And Friend

Police officials found out that Cameron had deleted his search history, while his ex-girlfriend also informed the police that the young boy had previously stated his plans to kill himself.

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