Who is Chris Hipkins memes go viral on Twitter with him set to become new New Zealand PM

Who is Chris Hipkins memes go viral on Twitter with him set to become new New Zealand PM
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Chris Hipkins, an ally of Jacinda Ardern’s, has emerged as the choice to lead the Party in the next election with his memes now trending

Only days after Ardern announced her decision to resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand. On Sunday, at a gathering of Labour’s 64 legislators, the announcement is slated to be made officially (January 22).

Hipkins, 44, stated at a press conference after the party announced him as the only nominee for the role that he is part of “an exceptionally powerful team.”

Who is Chris Hipkins memes go viral on Twitter with him set to become new NZ PM

Hipkins might be the first minister in history to respond to a parliamentary question with a meme. In February of last year, National’s Erica sent a written inquiry to the Minister of Education asking, “Has the Minister met with the Minister for Covid-19 response to request that MIQ spots be allocated to teachers granted a border exception; and if so, on what date, if not, why not?”

Simply, Hopkins said, “Please refer attached.”

New Zealanders were taken aback in August 2021 when the country’s then-Covid-19 response minister remarked it was difficult for people to “stretch their legs” while in lockdown during a press conference.

The funny slip-up occurred when he was explaining the limits in place at alert level 4. “Look, it is a challenge in higher density areas for people to get outside and to spread their legs when they are ahh, um, ahh when they are surrounded by other people.”

Chris Hipkins has a strong background in education

The politician from Wellington became a national hero when he directed the country’s efforts to combat the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition to his roles as Minister of Education, Minister for the Public Service, and Leader of the House, he was given responsibility for the Covid-19 response in November of 2020. He is presently the Minister of Police, with charge of implementing policies to reduce the country’s alarming crime rate.

Chris Hipkins graduated from Victoria University in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Criminology. Prior to his election in 2008, he served as a top adviser for two ministers. For education and prime minister. According to his biography, he is a “outdoor fanatic” who enjoys activities like mountain biking, tramping, and swimming. The minister frequently rides his bike from Upper Hutt, a nearby city, to his office in Wellington.

For asking in the New Zealand Parliament about the citizenship of then-Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. He received unusual criticism from Australia in 2017. This helped reveal that Joyce had dual citizenship with New Zealand, making him ineligible to serve in the Australian Parliament. Even though he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2016. A court decided that his election was unlawful since he abandoned his New Zealand citizenship.

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