Who Is Dr Celine Gounder? Grant Wahl’s Wife Gets Shocked After US Journo’s Death During FIFA World Cup

Who Is Dr Celine Gounder? Grant Wahl’s Wife Gets Shocked After US Journo’s Death During FIFA World Cup
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The Fifa World Cup has been creating a massive stir all over the globe since its beginning, well lately devastating news has been reported from the Fifa World cup. The devastating news is about the unfortunate and sudden death of a US journalist, Grant Wahl who was there to cover the world cup. The news about his sudden and unfortunate passing away has been very flabbergasting for everyone. No one could ever imagine this happening to him.

Who Is Dr Celine Gounder Grant Wahl's Wife Gets Shocked After US Journo's Death During FIFA World Cup

According to the reports, Grant Wahl suffered a massive heart attack at Lusail Stadium while he was covering the quarter-final game between Argentina and Netherlands on Friday 9 December. Reports have also claimed that Grant Wahl was 48 years old at the time he breathed his last. The saddening news about his unfortunate and sudden passing away was announced by his brother Eric Wahl. He announced this heartbreaking and flabbergasting news on his official Instagram account. Eric Wahl has claimed foul play in his brother’s unfortunate demise.

Who Is Dr Celine Gounder?

Eric stated that he is Gay and thus his brother was wearing a Rainbow shirt for promoting the LGBTQ community while covering soccer. Eric stated that his brother Grant Wahl told him about receiving death threats since the time he wore that shirt. He stated that his brother was received multiple amounts of death threats since that time and thus he believes his brother has been murdered in Qatar.

Eric wrote a big post on Instagram and stated that his name is Eric and he lives in Seattle, WA, he is gay and thus his brother was wearing a rainbow shirt during the match since then brother was receiving death threats, and also his brother was healthy. He stated that his brother’s death isn’t natural and he stated of foul play was involved in the sudden demise of his beloved brother. He stated that he doesn’t believe that his beloved brother died and he feels that he has been killed he also begged for help. Qatar is a homophobic country and homosexuality is banned there with strict punishments if anyone is found.

Thus Grant was standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Qatar. He was detained by the officials when he wore a rainbow shirt and later was released. His demise has been a massive shocker. Grant’s wife Dr. Celine is massively devastated and grief-stricken, she is not in a state of giving any statement. Reports have stated that she has been massively affected by her beloved husband’s sudden death. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.



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