Who Is Jack Showalter Man Seen Close To Two Idaho University Students Before Stabbings

Who Is Jack Showalter Man Seen Close To Two Idaho University Students Before Stabbings
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There has been a huge update in the case of students of University of Idaho, who were killed on Sunday, November 13, know who is Jack Showalter

As per reports, out of the 4 students who were killed, 2 were last seen ordering the food late at night from a food truck at around 1:41 AM.

Who Is Jack Showalter Man Seen Close To Two Idaho University Students Before Stabbings And His Photo

A video of the incident has reportedly swirled around the social media, showing a man in a hoodie watching Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen as the duo were placing their orders.

They seemed to be speaking to some more people who were there at the time.

As per reports, the duo had visited a pub, Corner Club somewhere around 11:00 PM. Both students stayed at the pub at around 1:30 AM.

Later they went to Grub Truckers and ordered a $10 carbonara. Mogen and Goncalves had stayed at the food truck for around 10 minutes. While waiting for their order, they were speaking to some other people standing by the truck.

As per a recent report by the True Crime Society, the man in the hoodie is identified as Jack Showalter.

As per the outlet, Jack was recently kicked out and he reportedly might possess the same knife that was used to kill the students.

Meanwhile, so far, the authorities haven’t arrested anyone in connection with the case. Though the investigation is still ongoing and investigators are still in desperate search for the murder weapon.

For those who are unaware of the situation, let us tell you, as per the Latah County coroner, last Sunday, some of the students of Idaho University were found stabbed to death in a rental house.

On Thursday, coroner Mabbutt revealed in a statement that the 4 students of the university were killed with a “larger knife.”

As per the authorities, a man and the two other roommates who have survived the brutal incident, are clearly visible in the video clip.

As per the statement given by Moscow police, all 4 victims were likely asleep. Some of them had defensive wounds as each was stabbed multiple times.

According to the investigators, there were no sign of sexual assault.

Let us remind you, Moscow had not experienced a murder in last 7 years. In the recent interviews, students seem to be saying that they were experiencing a safe life while traveling, walking around late at night.

However, after the gruesome incident, many had left campus early in fear of a “serial killer,” who’s yet to be arrested.

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