Who Is Kaylee Goncalves Idaho University Student Killed, Her Age And Family

Who Is Kaylee Goncalves Idaho University Student Killed, Her Age And Family
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Kaylee Goncalves who was a student at Slain Idaho University lost her life recently on 13th November 2022, know who is she and her family

On the 13th of November at 11.58 am, the Moscow Police Department officers had responded to a call on King Road close to the University of Idaho campus. Upon arrival, officers discovered 4 individuals who were deceased. These individuals were identified as Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kaylee Goncalves.

Know Who Is Kaylee Goncalves Idaho University Student Killed, Her Age And Family

Kaylee Goncalves Death

Recently the sister of Kaylee Goncalves, Alivea Goncalves has given a heart-breaking tribute ‘Kaylee played a very special role within their family with 5 siblings. As per her saying, Kaylee was the “fairness fighter” because she was one of the middle child. Alivea described her sister as constantly seeking great and new experiences and living life to the fullest. She stated that if her younger sister desired to do something, she would do it, despite of what others told her.’

Kristi, Kaylee and Alivea’s mother stated, “the siblings spoke virtually every day. As per Alivea, she last texted Kaylee on Friday, the 11th of November. All of Alivea’s siblings, who are all within 10 years of one another in age, are very close, as reported by Krem. In a reply from Alivea on behalf of her family, she is saying, “Kaylee was, is, and always will be our defender and protector.

Kaylee was tough and fair and The ultimate middle child. Kaylee did absolutely and everything she set in her mind. Kaylee didn’t hold back on love, fights, or life as she was an ultimate go-getter and constantly wanted an adventure.”

Madison Mogen, who is one of the murder victims founded by the Moscow Police officials, was much close to their family. Kristi told that she felt she had lost two of her children after learning that Kaylee and Maddie were among the victims. Alivea thought she had lost two sisters, and voiced the same sentiments.

These 2 accomplished everything together and also preferred to be presented as a unit. Alivea remembers her sister as a key member of their “G Clan.”

Kaylee Goncalves Education

Kaylee was a senior general studies student at the University of Idaho. Kaylee had reported expressing excitement about the upcoming year after graduating as she was planning to relocate to Texas and work at IT sector and had also been planning vacation to Europe.

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