Who Is Mohammad Sufiyan? UP Man Who Killed Nidhi Gupta Shot By Police

Who Is Mohammad Sufiyan? UP Man Who Killed Nidhi Gupta Shot By Police
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According to reports, the Uttar Pradesh police officials have shot Mohammad Sufiyan in the leg. He is the same man who pushed his girlfriend, Nidhi Gupta, 19, to death. The cops injured him and then utilized the moment to detain him as well. It is coming forward that the police took him into custody after a retaliatory exchange of fire him. The matter has surfaced all over the internet and has grabbed everyone’s attention. People who knew what happened to the girl are content to know that he has been arrested.

Who Is Mohammad Sufiyan UP Man Who Killed Nidhi Gupta Shot By Police

Who Is Mohammad Sufiyan?

Sufiyan was shot in the leg and was brought to the LGMU trauma center. The police had put a 25,000 rupee bounty on his head. According to Joint Commissioner of Police Piyush Moria, he was taken into custody on Friday after a police encounter in Lucknow’s Dubagga neighborhood. He was detained in an encounter at around 1 pm, the Dubagga Station House Officer said PTI. He was admitted to King George Medical University after sustaining a gunshot wound to his right leg.

The officials arrested him and have taken him to a cell where they will interrogate him further to get more information. Nidhi was driven out of Ann’s fourth-floor residence in Sector H Basant Kunj, Dubagga, by Sufiyan. The girl was dating the woman who killed her while she was in beauty school. After Nidhi claimed that Sufiyan was pressuring her to convert to Islam and marry him, she and her family went to his house to confront him. Following a contentious argument, Nidhi walked to the rooftop.

Nidhi was knocked to the ground by Sufiyan who had pursued her. According to the family, Nidhi was slain because she refused to convert to Islam. According to rumors, Sufiyan was pressuring Nidhi into marrying him and had a video of her. Despite being pressurized by Sufiyan, Nidhi did not agree to get married to him. However, she had not even imagined that her refusal will cost her dear life.

After killing Nidhi, Sufiyan ran with his family. He was wanted as the officials were trying to find him. After a long search, he was finally found by the authorities. As mentioned, UP police not just shot his leg but also arrested him in connection with Nidhi Gupta’s murder. Currently, the investigation into the case is ongoing. Keep following Social Telecast for more updates and the latest and trending news. Stay tuned with us!



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