Who is Serial killer Charles Ng who killed 11 people and where is he now today in 2023

Who is Serial killer Charles Ng who killed 11 people and where is he now today in 2023
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Charles Ng, a serial killer who has been on California’s death row for 23 years, had his death sentence reaffirmed by the state’s highest court in August 2022, know where is he now

Now 61 years old, Ng was found guilty of the 1984 and 1985 killings of 11 people, including 6 adults, 3 juveniles, and 2 infant boys. According to court documents, his accomplice Leonard Lake committed suicide in 1985 by swallowing a cyanide capsule after being detained for having a silencer on a handgun.

Who is Serial killer Charles Ng who killed 11 people and where is he now today

Prior to his death, police had not begun interviewing Lake in connection with the murders. On a kidnapping spree 150 miles east of San Francisco, the two guys abducted four people and held them captive in a secret bunker on a secluded, fenced-in 2.5 acre Sierra Nevada estate.

Lake, a fanatical survivalist, had constructed the bunker in the event of a nuclear war, but he and Ng instead utilised it as a house of horrors, with two chambers set up like prison cells behind a secret door.

Although Ng made it to Canada after Lake’s suicide, he was caught in Calgary, Alberta on charges of theft and assaulting a security guard. After six years of battling extradition, Canada’s highest court finally handed him over to American authorities, where he had previously been wanted as a wanted criminal.

Charles Ng’s counsel finds death sentence inhumane

It would be inhumane, Charles Ng’s counsel argued, to return him to the United States, where the death sentence is in effect (and specifically in the state of California). Ng and his defence team filed numerous requests to delay the trial, which did not commence in California until 1998 after his extradition to the US in 1991.

Apparently, the two men kept a 250-page diary and recorded videos of their murders, which were published by the Associated Press. Charles Ng testified before the court that he had nothing to do with the killings and that Lake had acted alone. After his guilt was established in court, his attorneys claimed that Lake, the murder plotter, had undue influence over him. Police are still attempting to match DNA to remains 37 years after Ng and Lake tortured and mutilated their victims.

Experts think that the two killers killed at least twenty-five people. It has been reported that the defense’s lengthy and costly delays made this Charles Ng trial one of the longest and most expensive in California’s history. While Governor Gavin Newsom is in office, he has placed a temporary halt on the execution of death row inmates. Other federal appeals may be available to Ng.

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