Who is Sonia Souid football agent who has accused Noel le Graet of sexually assaulting her, her age and family

Who is Sonia Souid football agent who has accused Noel le Graet of sexually assaulting her, her age and family
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Have a look at who Sonia Souid is, the ex-volleyball player and football agent who accused French football president Noel Le Graet of sexual misconduct

On Monday, December 9, 2023, football agent Sonia Souid accused French football’s president Noel Le Graet of improper behaviour.

Who is Sonia Souid football agent and volleyball player who has accused Noel le Graet of sexually assaulting her, her age and family

37-year-old Souid, claims that Le Graet was attracted to her sexually. In an interview, Souid stated:

“He never looked at me like an agent but like a piece of candy.”

Who is Sonia Souid? Have a look, below:

Who is Sonia Souid?

On June 19, 1985, Sonia Souid, a former volleyball player, was born and she is currently 37 years old and is a French sports agent.

In addition to spending two years in medical school, she also studied theatre for two years.

Clermont-Ferrand is where Sonia Souid is originally from. In 2003, Souid was chosen as Miss Auvergne, and she also competed in the 2004 Miss France competition.

In May 2010, she obtained her FFF agent licence. From the 400 candidates, only she was chosen as one of the eighteen honorees for the class of 2010.

Sonia is 37 years old and has two children.

Why is Sonia Souid in the headlines?

LeGraet, the French president of football, has been accused with making unwanted advances by Sonia. Souid stated at an interview:

In September 2014, he called me (Le Graet) and said that I am brilliant, that I have managed to do extraordinary things and that he wants to introduce me to Brigitte Henriques, the top female football official in the FFF. He wants us to meet at his apartment in Paris.”

She even asserted that the French president had left her voice and SMS messages, one of which said:

Are you available tomorrow night? I insist.”

Noel LaGraet is under fire

Noel Le Graet, the head of the French Football Federation is under fire right now and has called an emergency meeting of the group for this Wednesday, according to sources. At the meeting, he is expected to provide an explanation for his controversial remarks about Zinedine Zidane, which have sparked a wave of criticism and calls for his resignation.

As the FFF is being inspected by the French government as a result of claims made against Le Graet late last year that he had abused personnel at the Paris-based organisation, the 81-year-old is also in the firing line.

When asked if France World Cup champion legend Zidane had called him to express interest in replacing Didier Deschamps as coach on Sunday, Le Graet stirred some controversy by replying that he “wouldn’t even have taken his call.”




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