Who Is The Father Of Umran Malik, His Name, Job And Shop

Who Is The Father Of Umran Malik, His Name, Job And Shop
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India is known to produce technically gifted batters. Know about Umran Malik, his father his name and job

In a country that is not known to produce a genuine fast bowler, Umran Malik has turned the tables. The Jammu Express is already the quickest bowler ever produced by India. Who is Umran Malik’s Father? Know all about Abdul Rashid a Vegetable Vendor.

Who Is The Father Of Umran Malik, His Name, Family, Job And Shop

Who is Umran Malik’s Father?

The Indian pace sensation’s father owns a vegetable and fruit shop in Jammu’s Gujjar Nagar. Abdul Rashid says he loves to do that and it’s his ancestral profession which he won’t quit no matter how rich Umran becomes.

Abdul Rashid is a hardworking businessman who spends most of his hours in his shop till now. He is one of the main reasons behind Umran Malik’s success as he always supported his kid to play cricket.

Umran’s father didn’t believe him when he told him that he bowls at 140kmph. He thought Umran is joking but then afterward the coaches and teammates of Umran told his father that he actually bowls at a rapid pace.

Abdul Rashid said “I’ve never watched Umran bowl live”

Umran Malik’s father is yet to watch him play live from the stadium. He said that he hasn’t yet watched him play live from the stadium but in the future, he will surely support his child from the stands.

His father also said, “I only have one son and 2 daughters so I never stopped Umran from following his passion”. He also said that he never said no to Umran Malik for anything since his childhood.

“Only Umran got the support of the whole country,” says Abdul Rashid.

Umran’s father was asked about how he got to know about his son’s International selection. He said “I got to know about the news via a phone notification. As the word spread people lined up to congratulate me. What could be more prestigious for a cricketer than donning the national colors? The way the entire nation has rallied behind Umran so far, I can only be grateful. Pure desh ka support Mila mere Umran ko (my Umran has the support of the entire nation). ”


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