Who Is Toomaj Salehi Iran Singer, His Biography, Age, Songs List, Twitter, Instagram

Who Is Toomaj Salehi Iran Singer, His Biography, Age, Songs List, Twitter, Instagram
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Toomaj Salehi is a popular Iranian hip-hop artist who is well known for his protest songs concerning Iran’s societal issues and the policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, know his age and latest news

Toomaj Salehi is in the news headlines as he could face the death penalty soon. This news was confirmed on 27th November 2022 by the authorities and since then Toomaj’s family is in fear.

Who Is Toomaj Salehi Iran Singer, His Biography, Age, Songs List, Twitter, Instagram, News

Apart from the protests, he is held responsible for spreading lies on the internet. Toomaj Salehi was born in 1990 on the 3rd of December and presently he is 31 years of age as of 2022. He is 5ft 8in tall.

Toomaj Salehi Professional Career And Arrests

Salehi apart from being a rapper works as a factory laborer too. Iran’s security forces arrested Toomaj Salehi on 12th September, in 2021 in his house in Isfahan. He was charged with the ‘propaganda against the regime’ and ‘insulting the supreme leadership authority.’ Toomaj was released on bail on September 21st, pending a trial. On January 23rd in 2022, the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shahin Shahr sentenced Salehi to 6 months in jail and he was also asked to give a fine.

Salehi was arrested again on the 30th of October in 2022 during the Mahsa Amini protests. Fars news agency, affiliated with the IRGC, considered him as one of “the leaders of the riots who promoted violence.” The state media also said, ‘Salehi was arrested during a border-crossing, a claim which was denied by Salehi’s social media administrator, who declared that Toomaj was arrested in the province of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, not a border province.’

“Toomaj Salehi got allegedly charged with “propagandistic activity against the government, cooperation with hostile governments and forming illegal groups with the intention of having insecurity in the country”. The state-backed Young Journalists Club published a video of a blindfolded man it claimed to be Toomaj who admitted of making “a mistake. Salehi was reportedly placed in Evin prison. As of his family, Iranian authorities have tortured Toomaj Salehi while in captivity.

In his last music YouTube video he uploaded prior to his October 2022 arrest, it included the lyrics, “Someone’s crime was dancing with her hair in the wind. Someone’s crime was that he or she was brave. It’s the year of failure.”

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