Who Is YouTuber Dunkey, His Age, Real Name, Twitch Channel, Sonic Frontiers Drama

Who Is YouTuber Dunkey, His Age, Real Name, Twitch Channel, Sonic Frontiers Drama
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Fans of a Youtuber named Dunkey have slammed him for tanking ‘Sonic Frontiers’ game ratings after a scathing review, know his YouTube channel and drama

One of the popular video game critics and YouTuber Dunkey reviewed Sega’s ‘Sonic Frontiers’ and things went downhill for the game pretty much faster. The game lets you explore the mysterious Starfall Islands as Sonic the Hedgehog for collecting the Chaos Emeralds after Sonic and his friends are parted after falling through a wormhole. Apart from the overwhelming reviews, Dunkey’s clan was quick to give review bombs to the game and the gaming community isn’t happy.

Who Is YouTuber Dunkey, His Age, Real Name, Twitch Channel, Sonic Frontiers Game Drama

YouTuber Dunkey Latest News

Known for quirky skits and indirect humor, this 31-year-old YouTuber has slammed the game for being glitchy, also claiming that he was glad when it finally ended. Dunkey has tweeted, “Sonic Frontiers is now over … i’m free” and this highly anticipated video game did not fare well after that.

Following the release of Dunkey’s video on the platform YouTube, his fans following were quick to review bomb the game and tank its ratings. The video game was sitting at a cool 8.8 on Metacritic but instantly went down to 8.5 after Dunkey’s fans considered it sloppy.

A person tweeted, “You can just tell that every negative review that Sonic Frontiers got today is because of the Dunkey video, few of them even mention it.” Another user commented, ‘Dunkey’s fans judge the game for themselves and wrote, “Annoyed to see Sonic Frontiers now getting review bombed.’

Sharing the same sentiments, one more user wrote, “Dunkey’s videos are very purely satire.” Then stop taking his opinions as pure gospel. Either it’s a satire or it is not. Another one wrote, “Dunkey isn’t really the problem but the problem is his fans who are commenting. They will take everything he says as gospel and drag the game’s reception down. #SonicFrontiers #SonicTheHedgehog”

YouTuber Dunkey Professional Career, Age And Wife

YouTuber Dunkey is well-known online as videogamedunkey or simply Dunkey. His real name is Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow and he is an American YouTuber who joined the platform in 2010 and has gained seven million subscribers with over three billion views on his YouTube channel. Dunkey was born on the 30th of January in 1991 and is 31 years of age, He is married to fellow YouTuber, Leah Bee.

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