Who Was Jidenna Dike? What Happened To Osinachi Dike’s Son? Check Cause Of Death

Who Was Jidenna Dike? What Happened To Osinachi Dike’s Son? Check Cause Of Death
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Many people are still struggling to move on from Davido’s Ifeanyi’s death, and another celebrity just lost his cherished son. Jidenna Dike, the son of well-known Nollywood actor Osinachi Dike, has died. The saddening piece of news has surfaced all over the internet and has grabbed the attention of everyone. Fans are taking to social media to express their sadness about the little child’s sudden death. Here, in this article, check what happened to Jidenna Dike and how did he die. Get all the updates related to his death in the article below.

Who Was Jidenna Dike What Happened To Osinachi Dike’s Son Check Cause Of Death

The death of Apamanolly’s toddler, who suffered from illness, has left his family grieving. You should grieve for this child in the same way as you did for the other, said one of the many condolence notes. Each of them was a person. Poor child. The popular Egbeigwe Apama Jidenna Dike, who was also the actor and comedian Osinachi Dike’s son, has died. A family source confirmed this to Qed. ng on Tuesday. According to the source, the two-year-old who had been unwell suddenly away on Tuesday night.

Who Was Jidenna Dike?

He passed away on Tuesday; he had been ill, according to the source. Egbeigwe Apama also confirmed his son’s passing in a phone conversation with a Qed reporter on Tuesday. Apama, a stage name for Dike Osinachi, is a comedian, actor, and master of ceremonies (MC). The actor, who was born in Imo State, has worked with other well-known Nollywood performers in a number of Nigerian movies.

His comical movie personas have always been more popular with his audience. Dike shows off his talent and inventiveness each time he enters the stage to perform for the crowd. Ogechi, his wife, and he have two children together. In July of 1980, Dike Osinachi was born in Imo State, Nigeria. A brilliant MC and host of programs, Dike Osinachi also stars in and produces Nollywood movies.

Let us tell you that Dike Osinachi was born in the 1980s into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Osinachi. Growing up was quite challenging for him as he belonged to a less-than-average Nigerian family. Apart from the family’s financial condition, the nation’s poor economy was another factor that made things challenging. Now, it is coming forward that the actor’s beloved child Jidenna Dike has passed away. Tributes and condolence messages have flooded social media platforms. Stay tuned to Social Telecast to get more updates and the latest news.



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