Who Was Joseph Augustus Zarelli? “The Boy In The Box” Case Has Solved, Explained!

Who Was Joseph Augustus Zarelli? “The Boy In The Box” Case Has Solved, Explained!
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Today, Shocking news is coming forward related to unsolve Homicide of 4 years boy Joseph Augustus Zarelli who was killed on February 1957. He was mostly known for the Boy in the Box and this boy is identified after a long time of 65 years on 8 December. According to the reports of the Philadelphia Police Department, This case is one of the longest and oldest unsolved homicide cases of the Philadelphia Police Department. The dead body of the boy was founded in a box on the side of Susquehanna Road in a forested area in northeast Philadelphia on 26 February 1957. This news went so viral on social media and on the internet too many people shared their interest in the unsolved death mystery news.

Who Was Joseph Augustus Zarelli The Boy In The Box Case Has Solved Explained

Who Was Joseph Augustus Zarelli?

Joseph Augustus Zarelli’s dead body was identified by Jason Smith who is a Philadelphia Police Caption on 8 December 2022, the boy is publically identified during a press conference held by Philadelphia Police Department. The Homicide by blunt force trauma is known as the cause of his death. His body was founded as he was undernourished and had been battered before his death. His case was the most popular because of the Formerly unidentified victim of a homicide and the Unsolved murder victim. His body was fully wrapped in a plaid blanket. The dead body of the boy was founded by a person who was checking his muskrat traps.

“The Boy In The Box” Case Has Solved

Joseph Augustus Zarelli was born on 13 January 1953 and identified on 8 December after a long period of time of 65 years, 9 months, and 5 days after founding his dead body on 25 February 1957, and now his resting place is Ivy Hill Cemetery, Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, U.S. He was most popular as America’s Unknown Child, Philadelphia Box Boy and the Boy in the Box. The body was going to find for two times and the DNA was taken in both moments. In 1988, The remains of the boy were moved from Potter’s Field in Philadelphia to Ivy Hill Cemetery.

This news is running on trends of social media and on the news tv channels and people sharing their condolences for the boy. Joseph Augustus Zareli will always remember as the Box Boy Grave memorial with “America’s Unknown Child”. The investigation is carried on and they continue to get more information related to his death. There are too many theories coming forward which involves in this investigation. These types of crimes are increasing in our day-by-day working life and too many are related to the murder of a child.

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