Why Meet the Robinsons is an Under-Appreciated Disney Movie

Why Meet the Robinsons is an Under-Appreciated Disney Movie
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Released in 2007, Meet the Robinsons is a science-fiction animated movie that focuses on a boy genius named Lewis (voiced by Jordan Fry and Daniel Hansen, who later goes by the name Cornelius Robinson. This particular film by Disney has so much more to say than what meets the eye. With its humor and positive messages, Meet the Robinsons is one movie that can lift up the day of any adult and child.

This film has the capability to have a huge impact on the viewer. Given that it is a family movie, it is made to cater to viewers of different ages. While the movie has received only 67% from the Tomatometer, it is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a glimpse of hope. In fact, the film ties “directly to Walt Disney’s own philosophy” on the importance of moving forward. From the storyline to the characters and amazing character development, Meet the Robinsons is an underappreciated movie that has the ability to positively influence the viewer.

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The protagonist of Meet the Robinsons is a young boy who is not as privileged as other Disney protagonists. In fact, the 12-year-old Lewis starts off his journey in an orphanage as his mother had left him there. Additionally, Lewis had to grow up in the orphanage as potential parents found his energy and brains to be too much for them. Thus, we find ourselves looking upon a protagonist who has faced rejection after rejection. Nonetheless, Lewis’s ability to look beyond these rejections, regardless of how painful they are, and continue with his scientific inventions finally gives him the family he was yearning for and the family he deserves. With such a protagonist, the film attempts to illustrate how there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Moreover, the film’s focus on how rejection is not always the worst thing to happen is quite important. After all, if Lewis did not find himself in the orphanage, or if he was picked up by a different set of parents before he turned 12 and ended up in the science fair, he may not have found himself amidst the Robinsons, who adopted him simply because they were able to connect with his innovative imagination.

The film also focuses on the importance of not giving up. In fact, the ending line of the film being “keep moving forward” is a reminder that looking beyond one’s failure and attempting to learn from them while moving on is important. In one way, the film captures this message through the protagonist as we see Lewis going back to the science fair and requesting another chance. This chance changes his life for the good. If he had given up the first time his invention failed (like many of us), his life would not have ended on a positive note. On the other hand, Goob, who harps on his failure caused by Lewis, ends up being a dark man with villainous intentions. Fortunately, his story changes thanks to Lewis waking him up on time. This also gives off the message of how every single one of our actions can have a lasting consequence.

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Meet the Robinsons is also a film that has taken the opportunity to remind the adults of certain social issues. One being the foster system, the movie focuses from the point of view of the child as opposed to the parents. Generally, movies that revolve around adoption start off with a couple trying to adopt a child, in turn, focusing on the misdemeanors the potential parents go through. However, Meet the Robinsons focuses on the pain the children go through. This has a lasting impact on the viewer and reminds them of the importance of understanding children and actually listening to them. In fact, by showing the heartbreaking rejections both Lewis and Goob go through, the film taps into the emotions of the viewer. It is also a reminder of how distressing these incidents are for such small children.

With Lewis’s constant harping on his birth mother, the film uses it as an opportunity to avoid blaming parents who decide to give up their children. When Lewis visits the past, he is finally able to see that his mother may not have wanted to let him go but had to due to a lack of options. The way she hugs him and looks back one last time suggests that it was an act done out of desperation and hopelessness.

By including the power of innovation and technology, Meet the Robinsons attempts to send out the issue of over-indulgence of technology. This theme is brought out through the character of Doris, the robotic bowler hat. Doris, a failed invention of Lewis, teams up with the future Goob to wreck Lewis’s life and to trick him. However, it is revealed that Doris is the ultimate villain who has been using Goob to enslave humanity. While it might be hard to believe that robots can take over the world, the film does make the point that we might be relying heavily on technology. Rather than dismissing technology and portraying it as evil, Meet the Robinsons reminds the importance of balancing the usage of technology.

The Robinsons that end up adopting Lewis might not be the conventional young parents portrayed in many films with adoption, since they are an old couple, but they definitely provide Lewis with much-needed love. This has a ripple effect as Lewis, who grew up to be Cornelius Robinson, not only becomes a successful character but also ends up having a lovely family. This family welcomes everyone with open arms and refuses to judge anyone.

Similarly, the character of Mildred, the head of the orphanage, is portrayed as a comforting adult for both Lewis and Goob. The depiction of such adults illustrates the importance of ensuring that orphanages have such heads. The inclusion of Mildred-like personas might have a positive impact on these children.

Meet the Robinsons is a film that teaches children the importance of understanding one another and looking beyond another’s background amidst other important lessons. At the same time, the film acts as a teaching mechanism for adults as it reminds them to be more aware of children’s needs and the cruciality of playing an active role in social change.





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