Why You Haven't Seen Jennifer Lawrence Acting In A While

Why You Haven't Seen Jennifer Lawrence Acting In A While
Jennifer Lawrence was the face of young Hollywood throughout the 2010s. After starting on the sitcom the Bill Engvall Show, Lawrence catapulted to an Oscar nomination with her performance in the 2010 drama Winter’s Bone. Much bigger films and more award nominations soon followed, making her a bona fide movie star before she could legally drink.

But things have started to slow down for the funny, relatable leading lady over the past few years. After a string of prestige pictures and franchise offerings, she only appeared in one feature in 2019, and had no credits to her name in 2020. What happened? A combination of some box-office disappointments, personal life changes and, of course, a global pandemic. Here’s why you haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence acting in a while.

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Discovered at a young age | 0:00
Giving up school | 1:21
Winter’s Bone | 2:24
Oscar history | 3:12
Fame | 4:14
“Cool girl” persona | 5:13
Critical flops | 6:09
Arthouse horror | 7:02
Box office bombs | 7:39
Tabloid fodder | 8:46

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Why You Haven't Seen Jennifer Lawrence Acting In A While
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