World Rally Championship (WRC) 2023 winner prize money and driver bonus

World Rally Championship (WRC) 2023 winner prize money and driver bonus
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The 2023 World Rally Championship will begin in January, know the WRC prize money

The prize money is not the centre of the global rally championship ecosystem. Only 5–6 drivers are currently paid to compete in the WRC season. The manufacturers charge everyone else to participate in the world rally championship.

World Rally Championship (WRC) 2023 winner teams and drivers prize money and driver bonus

Prize money breakdown

Stages Prize Money
Subaru Challenge Award €5,000
Stage Winning Bonus €10,000
Sponsorship Bonus €250,000
Junior Rookie Drivers Bonus €15,000

For their success, some major automakers compensated the drivers. Ford, Toyota, and Sabru all hired several drivers on 2- to 3-year contracts. which include the winnings from a rally stage. According to a report (Nasa Rally Report), most drivers join the WRC as a pastime. Three to four major names only have lucrative contracts.

2013 saw the announcement of the Subaru Challenge Award for Sabaru rally drivers. Each victorious driver received (€5,000) in accordance with (Crash). For the lower class WRC 2,3, there are no financial awards. However, WRC title teams granted contracts to drivers who placed first.

The amount that winning drivers are paid for each stage win is shown in the table above under prize money. The winner of a WRC stage got (€10,000) in prize money, although only a select few top rally teams gave this to their driver. Contracts with manufacturers and sponsorship organisations are awarded to drivers who compete for championships. According to reports, the most costly sponsorship agreement reported to yet is worth (€250,000). (Crunchysports).

From lower class to upper class, TV coverage of the rally championship increased significantly. According to a (TSM sports) article on WRC prize money, the winner team receives a set amount of TV rights.

Prize money for rookie WRC rally drivers:

The prize money for the Junior WRC drivers was announced by WRC. Junior Rookie drivers will receive (€15,000) in the 2021 season, which will help them advance in their future careers. The wage data for novice drivers is taken from (Autosport, Fox Sports, and Round&Track).

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