y2k fashion trends that are about to make a comeback 🦋👛👖

y2k fashion trends that are about to make a comeback 🦋👛👖
i’m finally back with another video essay! a little less movie focused and more about fashion in general. as someone who actually lived through these trends it’s pretty weird seeing y2k outfits and fashion return, but that’s probably how people felt about the 90s comeback as well. what y2k trend are you most excited about?

timestamps ⏱
0:00 intro
3:54 the exposed thong
5:06 rhinestones
5:32 sequins
5:43 asymmetry
6:34 logomania
8:35 von dutch
9:21 juicy couture
9:55 playboy
10:53 baby phat
11:42 ed hardy
12:24 tiny purses
13:19 camouflage
14:00 animal print

Music by Terry Saige – Late Night Bar – https://thmatc.co/?l=8DBFC56D

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y2k fashion trends that are about to make a comeback 🦋👛👖
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