ZArchiver Pro Mod For Android dan iOS Unlocked Premium Gratis –

ZArchiver Pro Mod For Android dan iOS Unlocked Premium Gratis –
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ZArchiver Pro Mod – One of the most used file manager applications for Android phones is ZArchiver. This application has a very interesting feature which can also be used to carry out the file editing process.

If you use this app directly, you can complete the purchase process first. However, if you want to try it first and see its benefits, you can go for this modified version of the APK.

Regardless of the type of application used, whether it is the original application or the modified application. It would be nice to know the features of this file manager application first. So you can get the most out of this app.

So, for more details, you can see some explanations about this application, please listen to it, Lur.

Overview of the ZArchiver Pro Apk Application

This application is a development from a third party that can be used to access the Android mobile system.

This application facilitates the process of moving files. Therefore, there is no need to use a file manager, which may cause errors.

Apart from that, you can also use this application to compress files. So you don’t need to use WinRAR or anything like that.

In addition, carrying out the mining process can also be done more easily using this application.

We recommend using a phone with 2GB of RAM or more when using this app. As for the rest, there aren’t too many conditions, because this phone is perfect for phones with very low specifications.

Features – Features of ZArchiver Pro APK

Features - Features of ZArchiver Pro APK

The features of this file manager application are very diverse. These features can be optimized for management and made available for other needs. Check out some of the features of the ZArchiver app.

1. Easy To Transfer And Move Files

The first feature of this app is easy file transfer. You can transfer from one folder to another, or from one device to another, as long as you are connected using a data cable.

Apart from facilitating the transfer process, you can also use this application to transfer multiple files. If you want, you can also make changes such as naming the file and changing the format.

The most important thing when using this application is not to accidentally delete or add folders. Errors may occur or some phone functions may not work properly.

2. Easy To Extract And Compress Files

Some of the features that File Manager doesn’t have on Android phones are extraction and compression capabilities. A third-party application is required to extract the previously compressed files.

By using the Zarchiver app, you can do everything from compression to decompression more smoothly. This application also allows you to reduce the file size before sending it.

If you want to use this function, please check the storage location first. Also, make sure that your phone has a large memory too, because the immobilizer file is there, which doubles the size.

3. Simplified Interface

The interface of this application is very simple, much like a file manager or file explorer on a Windows computer. As such, it’s generally highly enjoyed by everyone and intuitive to use.

Therefore, transferring data to make changes to data processes becomes easier and faster.

4. Can Open All Folders

This application allows you to open all or most of the folders that were previously hidden by the system. This lets you open and edit files easily.

It is recommended that you do not accidentally delete or move data when using this method. Also, previously opened folders are locked to prevent system damage on Android phones.

5. No Subscription Fees

With the modified version, you don’t have to pay anything, neither the initial fee nor the subscription. Just download the installation song and you are ready to go.

However, there are a few things to consider. One way is to always run the update process. In this way, your application will better suit your needs. Its function is also more complete and avoid interference.

6. Password Storage

When opening the file, you can generate a random or random password first. You can specify very strong password strength. However, you can adjust the password strength according to your needs.

7. Compatible With All Smartphones

No need to worry because it is a smartphone with potato specifications. Basically, this app is fully compatible with all devices like Android, iOS and Mac.

8. Archive Preview Image

Another advantage of Zarchiver Pro is the ability to preview images in archives. The reason is, you can immediately see a preview image of the file with the extension before extracting the file.

Extensions include 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, gzip, bzip2, XZ, iso, arj, cab, tar, lzh, lha, lzma, tgz, tbz, xar, Z, deb, zipx, mtz, rpm, chm , dmg, cramfs, img (fat, ntfs, ubf), cpio, wim, arc (freearc), ecm.

9. Dark Mode

Light and dark mode to change themes and aims to protect your eyes from UV (ultraviolet rays) to make your eyes comfortable and safe. You can also access this application.

10. Archive Files With Multiple Extensions

You can also archive various file extension formats such as zip, 7z (7zip), bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), tar and XZ. Very interesting.

11. Encryption Security

By using Zarchiver Pro, security is guaranteed because it uses a security code such as data and file names. Encryption also changes the password structure, putting it in the MDS format.

12. Safe Application

Of course, this Zarchiver Pro mod is very safe from virus and malware attacks which will later damage your device’s system. If a virus is detected, this application will provide a notification so that the process will stop automatically.

This Zarchiver pro mod APK application has many other benefits, so you can access it for free without spending any money. Are you interested in using it? Please check below.

Download ZArchiver Pro Apk

Download ZArchiver Pro Apk

ZArchiver Pro Apk is very light in size, only 6MB, it won’t burden your device later. Also, the app is free and no payment is required for direct access.

Unlike the original version, you will be asked to pay up to 20,000 to use the premium version. But you can get it for free with this mod application.

This app is the best solution which you can use to manage your archived files. What’s more, it’s so easy to use that you can try it right away.

Here we share the download link for you to download for free. Then hit the download button below.

No ZArchiver Pro
Version Latest 2022
Size 4 MB
Os Android 4.1
Price Free

>>Link Download Aplikasi<<

How to install the ZArchiver Pro Apk application

If you run the installation process on modified files, you will have to make changes to your system. These changes must be made so that the installation process can run as desired.

  • To make changes, first open Settings or Preferences on your Android phone.
  • After entering the settings on your phone, you can swipe down until you see additional settings.
  • From additional settings, you can sign in again to regain your privacy or security.
  • In this section, you should look for Installing from unknown sources or Installing from unknown sources.
  • If you find this section, activate it first so that the installation process can run.
  • Once activated, you can directly access your phone’s file manager to open the ZArchiver APK file.
  • Once the APK file is open, you can tap on it to complete the installation process.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can open the file and use it.

ZArchiver Pro APK is used for many things, from moving various types of files on the system belonging to Android phones. There’s actually a built-in file manager that comes with the phone, but you don’t get some of the features.

That’s why this application is widely used to do a lot of file transfers. So you can do almost the same editing process with the application on your computer or laptop.

Also, if you use the premium version, of course there are no annoying ads.

How To Use ZArchiver Pro Apk

In fact, it is very easy to use the Zarchiver application on your device. All premium features offered plus unlimited access without paying extra.

If you still don’t know how to use this app, we will guide you, so give it a try. Please refer to the following.

  1. First, open the Zarchiver pro application on your respective device
  2. Then download the archived file
  3. If so, navigate to the download file in the Zarchiver app.
  4. Then long press on the file for a few seconds and you will see the feature set
  5. In addition, you can extract, send, copy, add, protect files, protect files, rename, etc.
  6. Free to manage as you like
  7. Done

List of Other Android File Manager Apps

If you are not familiar with using the Zarchiver pro mod application, please note that there are many other Android file managers that you can use. Then you can use some of the apps below.

  • Solid Explorer
  • EZ File Explorer
  • X-Plore File Manager
  • And others

Please note that all illegal programs and cheat APKs can be extracted first by using Zarchiver. No wonder so many people use this app as it helps them manage their files and archives.

The final word

This is the explanation of the ZArchiver Pro Apk that you can use right now. Download and install the application here via this article.

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